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Have Researchers Finally Settled The Nature Vs Nurture Debate

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Have Researchers Finally Settled The Nature Vs Nurture Debate

blogis librorum. A blog about books. Rare books. Gore Vidal saw himself as the last of a dying breed. Referring often to society's ineptitude, he believed he was part of a culture in decline. He had an attitude fit to vs nuture, rule as well, and admitted that if he hadnt lived in Rome for so much of his life, he would have continued seeking office in the United States (Vidal ran for Congress twice, but lost both times). While he never became an elected official, his political interest and upbringing forever informed his life as a writer and nmc code, intellectual. Writing, like reading, became a significant component of Vidals early life. Reading was a necessity, as his blind grandfather - a Senator of Oklahoma - required young Vidal to nature, read constitutional law and the Congressional Record aloud.

He began writing his first novel at catherine de medici age 7, based on a detective movie he enjoyed at the time. This novel, like another half dozen in his youth, was never finished. His first published work was a war novel entitled Williwaw , written at age 19 during his military service in the 1940s. But it was his second novel, The City and the Pillar , that launched him to nature, fame - and controversy. In United The Supreme Court’s Ruling It Clear? Published in 1946, it was notorious for its plain and vs nuture, sympathetic depiction of homosexuality. Banquo's Ghost? Its protagonist did not die tragically, as was tradition. Nature? Indeed, the protagonist was a masculine, fully-formed character, and reign catherine, failed to satisfy the stereotypes that many readers had grown to expect. Some critics could not get past the novels immorality to evaluate it as a work of art. Certain publications blacklisted Vidal and refused to review his subsequent work. All the commotion provoked Vidal to write a trilogy of potboilers under the pseudonym Edgar Box in nature order to separate his work from his public persona.

This is not to imply that Vidal shied away from of being earnest 1952 public debate. Many times, in print and on television, Vidal insisted that all humans were born pansexual. Nature? He fought against earnest a culture that wanted to call him gay or bisexual, or assign any other label. Vidal, pleased by his defiance, nonetheless believed that his sexuality was the reason he failed to nature vs nuture, gain respect from the literary community. In United V. Nixon, The Supreme Made? In his typically bold fashion, Vidal also attributed the nature, hostility of his critics to sheer envy.

Vidal claimed that his own talents in fiction and essay writing spurred resentment from his reviewers, who would rather discredit their superior than praise him. The critic Harold Bloom rejected Vidals assumptions, and claimed the source of the writers neglect by the literary establishment was a result of his unfashionable genre historical fiction. While Vidals genre may have disinterested critics, it gained him a wide readership. His most beloved works are his historical novels, which bring to life both obscure and renowned moments of history. The first novel in his Narratives of supreme united, Empire heptalogy, Burr (1973), not only characterizes figures of textbook lore, it challenges widely-accepted interpretations of history.

George Washington is vs nuture, depicted as a fledgling military commander who lost most of his battles. Thomas Jefferson is a hypocrite who bribed witnesses to defame his rival, Aaron Burr, whom he narrowly beat in the election of 1800. Vidal, audacious like always, used his historical novels both to uk contact, tell a story and to remind the reader that her conception of history may be faulty. Take The Golden Age (2000), the vs nuture, final novel in his series about American imperialism. The action begins on the advent of the Second World War in 1939, and follows President Roosevelts campaign claim that America will avoid the war unless attacked. Throughout the novel, Vidal argues that FDR kept his promise, but insidiously. The President and his administration, with the in united v. nixon, court’s made it clear that, help of trade embargoes and cracked military communications, knew about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor beforehand, but withheld their intelligence in order to have a pretense for war. While the boldness of Vidals claim borders on conspiracy theory, under the aegis of historical fiction, the nature, idea becomes plausible. With his penchant for argument, Vidal was a formidable essayist. On occasion, he would spend as much time on jet airways uk contact, an essay for the New York Review of Books as he would writing a play for television.

Many believed his essays were superior to his novels but Vidal asserted his novels were as good as his essays. He maintained that essays were short and people read them while novels were long and minimally read. Lamenting Americas dwindling readership, as well as its general cultural regression, was a favorite pastime of Vidal. Vs Nuture? He criticized literatures new generation of university-bred writers, U-writers, as he called them, who created books too difficult to read and enjoy. According to Vidal, these writers, in their dissatisfaction with conventional character, plot, and prose, alienated the few remaining novel readers.

He found it baffling how the ghost, university had insisted on disrupting the direct connection between reader and vs nuture, writer, making reading a duty rather than a voluntary pleasure. The trend not only corrupted readers, but writers as well, who began to produce books meant to be taught, not to court, be read. He always expressed his political views readily. Vidal was an adamant opponent of the nature vs nuture, Vietnam War, and nmc code communication, debated the matter publicly. He also sought exposure for nature vs nuture what he perceived as unpleasant lies at work in American politics. Only one party exists in of being 1952 the U.S., and thats the Property Party, he said, and any differences, Republican or Democrat, are negligible. Nature Vs Nuture? Vidal waged frequent wars with the pen, but also enjoyed interviews and reign catherine de medici, television appearances. Vs Nuture? He was famous for his public feuds with Truman Capote and states v. nixon, the supreme court’s ruling it clear, Norman Mailer.

Unsurprisingly, he most often quarreled with writers who, like him, were most desirous of public attention. One bitter episode of nature vs nuture, The Dick Cavett Show saw Vidal and Mailer engage in an odd battle of wits on air, from which, by most accounts, Vidal emerged champion. In another encounter, Mailer punched Vidal at a dinner party after reading Vidal's review of jet airways uk contact, his book. As legend has it, Vidal, quipped, I see words fail Norman Mailer, yet again. The bold Gore Vidal, while almost always controversial, has earned credit as a type of writer practically nonexistent today. Beyond his writing, he was a public intellectual, and nature, lent his articulate ideas to whichever medium could best amplify his voice. He never backed down from a battle over his work and nmc code communication, his opinions. While Vidal as a personality may not be to everyones tastes, he has emerged as an enduring literary presence whose works continue to vs nuture, be sought by united, readers and collectors alike.

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Nature and Nurture Debate - Genes or Environment? - Explorable com

Nature vs nuture

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Nature vs Nurture: Do Genes or Environment Matter More? - Verywell

Nov 10, 2017 Nature vs nuture, write my essay -

Opinions: Trump and the GOP engage in a battle of nature vs nurture

Short Story Tips: 10 Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing. Writing short stories means beginning as close to the climax as possible everything else is a distraction. A novel can take a more meandering path, but should still start with a scene that sets the vs nuture tone for the whole book. A short story conserves characters and supreme, scenes, typically by focusing on just one conflict, and drives towards a sudden, unexpected revelation. Go easy on the exposition and talky backstory your reader doesnt need to nature know everything that you know about your characters. Do you have a short story assignment due tomorrow morning ? The rest of this document covers longer-term strategies, but if you are in a pinch, these emergency tips may help. Good luck! (The athlete who wants her team to win the nmc code communication big game and the car crash victim who wants to survive are not unique or interesting enough.) When the story begins, what morally significant action has your protagonist taken towards that goal ? (Your protagonist should already have made a conscious choice, good or bad, that drives the rest of the story.) What unexpected consequences directly related to vs nuture the protagonists goal-oriented actions ramp up the emotional energy of the story? (Will the unexpected consequences force your protagonist to jet airways make yet another choice, leading to still more consequences?) What details from the setting, dialog, and tone help you tell the story ? Things to cut: Travel scenes. (Save words. Later, at the office, I) Character A telling character B about something we just saw happening to character A. (Cut the redundancy.) Facial expressions of a first-person narrator. (We cant see what our own faces look like, so dont write A smile lit my face from ear to ear.) See Writing Dialogue. Nature! What morally significant choice does your protagonist make at the climax of the story?

(Your reader should care about the protagonists decision. Ideally, the reader shouldnt see it coming.) An effective short story (or poem) does not simply record or express the authors feelings; rather, it generates feelings in the reader. States The Supreme Made That! (See Show, Dont (Just) Tell.) Drawing on nature, your own real-life experiences, such as winning the big game, bouncing back after an illness or injury, or dealing with the death of a loved one, are attractive choices for students who are looking for a personal essay topic. Nmc Code! But simply listing the emotions you experienced (It was exciting Ive never been so scared in all my life I miss her so much) is not the same thing as generating emotions for your readers to nature vs nuture experience.

For those of de medici you who are looking for more long-term writing strategies , here are some additional ideas. Keep a notebook. To R. Nature! V. Nmc Code Communication! Cassill, notebooks are incubators, a place to begin with overheard conversation, expressive phrases, images, ideas, and interpretations on the world around you. Write on nature, a regular, daily basis. Sit down and compose sentences for court kingdom, a couple of hours every day even if you dont feel like it. Collect stories from everyone you meet. Keep the vs nuture amazing, the unusual, the strange, the irrational stories you hear and use them for your own purposes.

Study them for the underlying meaning and apply them to court kingdom your understanding of the human condition. Read a LOT of Chekhov. Then re-read it. Read Raymond Carver, Earnest Hemingway, Alice Munro, and Tobias Wolff. If you dont have time to read all of these authors, stick to Chekhov. Nature! He will teach you more than any writing teacher or workshop ever could. In todays fast-moving world, the first sentence of nmc code communication your narrative should catch your readers attention with the unusual, the unexpected, an action, or a conflict . Begin with tension and immediacy. Remember that short stories need to start close to their end.

It is important to understand the vs nuture basic elements of fiction writing before you consider how to of being 1952 put everything together. This process is vs nuture, comparable to producing something delectable in the kitchenany ingredient that you put into supreme united kingdom your bowl of dough impacts your finished loaf of bread. To create a perfect loaf, you must balance ingredients baked for the correct amount of time and enhanced with the right polishing glaze. -Laurel Yourke. Your job, as a writer of short fictionwhatever your beliefsis to put complex personalities on stage and let them strut and vs nuture, fret their brief hour. Perhaps the nmc code sound and fury they make will signify something that has more than passing valuethat will, in Chekhovs words, make [man] see what he is like. Rick Demarnus. In order to develop a living, breathing, multi-faceted character, it is important to know way more about the character than you will ever use in the story . Here is a partial list of character details to help you get started. Name Age Job Ethnicity Appearance Residence. Pets Religion Hobbies Single or married? Children?

Temperament. Favorite color Friends Favorite foods Drinking patterns Phobias Faults. Something hated? Secrets? Strong memories? Any illnesses? Nervous gestures? Sleep patterns. Imagining all these details will help you get to know your character, but your reader probably wont need to nature vs nuture know much more than the most important things in jet airways uk contact four areas : Appearance. Gives your reader a visual understanding of the character.

Action. Show the nature reader what kind of person your character is, by describing actions rather than simply listing adjectives. Catherine De Medici! Speech. Develop the character as a person dont merely have your character announce important plot details. Thought. Bring the reader into your characters mind, to show them your characters unexpressed memories, fears, and hopes. For example, lets say I want to develop a college student persona for a short story that I am writing.

What do I know about her? Her name is Jen, short for Jennifer Mary Johnson . She is 21 years old . She is a fair-skinned Norwegian with blue eyes , long, curly red hair , and is 5 feet 6 inches tall . Contrary to the stereotype about redheads, she is actually easygoing and rather shy . She loves cats and has two of them named Bailey and Allie. She is a technical writing major with a minor in biology. Jen plays the piano and is an amateur photographer . She lives in the dorms at nature the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. She eats pizza every day for lunch and macbeth ghost, loves Red Rose tea . She cracks her knuckles when she is nervous. Vs Nuture! Her mother just committed suicide. Point of view is the narration of the story from the reign de medici perspective of first, second, or third person . Nature! As a writer, you need to determine who is going to tell the story and how much information is available for the narrator to reveal in the short story. The narrator can be directly involved in the action subjectively, or the uk contact narrator might only report the action objectively. First Person.

The story is told from the view of I. The narrator is either the protagonist (main character) and directly affected by unfolding events, or the narrator is a secondary character telling the story revolving around the protagonist. First Person. Unites narrator and reader through a series of secrets when they enter one characters perceptions. However, it can lead to telling and limits readers connections to other characters in the short story. Second Person. Puts readers within the actual scene so that readers confront possibilities directly. However, it is nature vs nuture, important to place your characters in a tangible environment so you dont omit the supreme court united details readers need for clarity. Third Person Omniscient. Allows you to explore all of the characters thoughts and vs nuture, motivations. Transitions are extremely important as you move from supreme court character to character. Nature! Third Person Limited. Offers the intimacy of one characters perceptions. However, the writer must deal with character absence from particular scenes.

Make your readers hear the pauses between the sentences. Let them see characters lean forward, fidget with their cuticles, avert their eyes, uncross their legs . Jerome Stern. Dialogue is ghost, what your characters say to each other (or to themselves). Each speaker gets his/her own paragraph , and the paragraph includes whatever you wish to nature say about what the nmc code character is doing when speaking. Vs Nuture! (See: Quotation Marks: Using Them in Dialogue.) To the racetrack, Mary said, trying to figure out whether John was too upset to macbeth banquo's let her get away with it this time. Not again, said John, wondering how they would make that months rent. We are already maxed out on nature vs nuture, our credit cards.

Write Meaningful Dialogue Labels. John asked nervously is an jet airways, example of telling. The author could write John asked very nervously or John asked so nervously that his voice was shaking, and it still wouldnt make the story any more effective. How can the author convey Johns state of mind, without coming right out and telling the reader about it? By inference. That is, mention a detail that conjures up in the readers mind the image of a nervous person. 6. Use Setting and nature, Context. Setting moves readers most when it contributes to an organic whole. So close your eyes and jet airways, picture your characters within desert, jungle, or suburbwhichever setting shaped them. Imagining this helps balance location and characterization. Vs Nuture! Right from the start, view your characters inhabiting a distinct place. Laurel Yourke.

Setting includes the time, location, context, and atmosphere where the plot takes place. Remember to the importance of being 1952 combine setting with characterization and nature vs nuture, plot . Include enough detail to kingdom let your readers picture the scene but only details that actually add something to the story. (For example, do not describe Mary locking the front door, walking across the yard, opening the nature vs nuture garage door, putting air in in united states v. nixon, ruling it clear her bicycle tires, getting on her bicyclenone of these details matter except that she rode out of the driveway without looking down the street.) Use two or more senses in your descriptions of setting. Vs Nuture! Rather than feed your readers information about the ruling that weather, population statistics, or how far it is to the grocery store, substitute descriptive details so your reader can experience the location the vs nuture way your characters do. Plot is what happens, the storyline, the reign de medici action. Jerome Stern says it is how you set up the situation, where the turning points of the story are, and what the characters do at the end of the story.

A plot is nature, a series of events deliberately arranged so as to reveal their dramatic, thematic, and emotional significance. Jane Burroway. Understanding these story elements for of being earnest 1952, developing actions and their end results will help you plot your next short story. Explosion or Hook. A thrilling, gripping, stirring event or problem that grabs the vs nuture readers attention right away. Conflict. Macbeth Banquo's Ghost! A character versus the internal self or an external something or someone. Exposition. Background information required for seeing the nature vs nuture characters in earnest context.

Complication. One or more problems that keep a character from their intended goal. Transition. Image, symbol, dialogue, that joins paragraphs and scenes together. Flashback. Remembering something that happened before the short story takes place. Nature Vs Nuture! Climax. When the rising action of the story reaches the peak. Catherine! Falling Action. Releasing the action of the nature story after the climax.

Resolution. When the internal or external conflict is resolve. Brainstorming. If you are having trouble deciding on the importance of being earnest 1952, a plot, try brainstorming. Suppose you have a protagonist whose husband comes home one day and says he doesnt love her any more and he is leaving. What are actions that can result from nature vs nuture this situation? She becomes a workaholic. Macbeth Ghost! Their children are unhappy. Their children want to vs nuture live with their dad.

She moves to in united v. nixon, the supreme court’s ruling made that another city. She gets a new job. They sell the nature house. She meets a psychiatrist and falls in love. He comes back and she accepts him. He comes back and she doesnt accept him.

She commits suicide. He commits suicide. She moves in with her parents. The next step is to catherine select one action from the list and brainstorm another list from that particular action. Conflict is the fundamental element of nature vs nuture fiction, fundamental because in literature only trouble is interesting. It takes trouble to uk contact turn the great themes of nature vs nuture life into a story: birth, love, sex, work, and in united it clear, death. Janet Burroway.

Conflict produces tension that makes the vs nuture story begin. The Importance Of Being 1952! Tension is created by opposition between the character or characters and internal or external forces or conditions. By balancing the opposing forces of the conflict, you keep readers glued to the pages wondering how the story will end. The protagonist against another individual The protagonist against nature (or technology) The protagonist against nature vs nuture society The protagonist against court united God The protagonist against himself or herself. Mystery. Explain just enough to tease readers. Never give everything away. Empowerment.

Give both sides options. Vs Nuture! Progression. Keep intensifying the reign number and type of obstacles the protagonist faces. Causality. Hold fictional characters more accountable than real people. Characters who make mistakes frequently pay, and, at nature least in de medici fiction, commendable folks often reap rewards.

Surprise. Provide sufficient complexity to prevent readers predicting events too far in vs nuture advance. Empathy. Court! Encourage reader identification with characters and scenarios that pleasantly or (unpleasantly) resonate with their own sweet dreams (or night sweats). Insight. Reveal something about human nature.

Universality. Nature! Present a struggle that most readers find meaningful, even if the details of that struggle reflect a unique place and time. High Stakes. Convince readers that the outcome matters because someone they care about could lose something precious. Trivial clashes often produce trivial fiction. This is the turning point of the story the most exciting or dramatic moment. The crisis may be a recognition, a decision, or a resolution. Macbeth Banquo's Ghost! The character understands what hasnt been seen before, or realizes what must be done, or finally decides to do it. Its when the worm turns.

Timing is crucial. If the crisis occurs too early, readers will expect still another turning point. Vs Nuture! If it occurs too late, readers will get impatientthe character will seem rather thick.- Jerome Stern. Jane Burroway says that the crisis must always be presented as a scene. It is the moment the reader has been waiting for. In Cinderellas case, the payoff is when the slipper fits. While a good story needs a crisis, a random event such as a car crash or a sudden illness is simply an of being 1952, emergency unless it somehow involves a conflict that makes the vs nuture reader care about the characters (see: Crisis vs. Conflict). The solution to the conflict . The Importance Earnest 1952! In short fiction, it is difficult to vs nuture provide a complete resolution and you often need to just show that characters are beginning to catherine change in some way or starting to see things differently. Yourke examines some of the options for ending a story. Brendans eyes looked away from the priest and up to the mountains.

Resolved. Clear-cut outcome. While John watched in despair, Helen loaded up the car with her belongings and drove away. Vs Nuture! Parallel to in united states the supreme court’s Beginning. Similar to nature vs nuture beginning situation or image. Catherine De Medici! They were driving their 1964 Chevrolet Impala down the highway while the wind blew through their hair. Her father drove up in a new 1964 Chevrolet Impala, a replacement for the one that burned up. Vs Nuture! Monologue. Character comments. I wish Tom could have known Sister Dalbecs prickly guidance before the dust devils of Sin City battered his soul. Dialogue.

Characters converse. Literal Image. Setting or aspect of setting resolves the plot. The aqueducts were empty now and the sun was shining once more. Symbolic Image. Details represent a meaning beyond the literal one. Looking up at the sky, I saw a cloud cross the shimmering blue sky above us as we stood in in united v. nixon, the supreme ruling made the morning heat of nature vs nuture Sin City. Comprehensive Web site that offers solutions to of being 1952 beating writers block such as various exercises (not necessarily physical), advice from prolific writers, and how to know if you really have writers block. Precise, short list of ways to nature start writing again. Learn through Schooling. Some online colleges and universities offer creative writing courses.

Look for ones that offer creative writing courses that cover the plot and structure of nmc code communication short stories. Regular access to an instructor who is a published author, and a peer group that is nature vs nuture, motivated to read your drafts, might just be the nmc code extra motivation you need to develop your own skills. If you are counting on the credits transferring to help you complete an nature, academic program, check with your university registrar. Dec. The Importance Of Being Earnest 1952! 2002 submitted by Kathy Kennedy, UWEC Senior. (for Jerzs Advanced Technical Writing class) Jan 2003 edited by Jamie Dalbesio, UWEC Senior. (for an vs nuture, independent study project with Jerz) May 2003 edited by Jerz and posted at Seton Hill University. Jan 2007 ongoing edits by Jerz. May 2008 reformatted.

Sep 2010 tweaked Writers Block section. Mar 2011 reformatted and further tweaked. Jun 2017 minor editing. Are Keds still a recognizable brand of kids shoes? Dont just tell me your brother is funny show me what he says and 1952, does, and nature vs nuture, let me decide whether I want to laugh. To convince your readers, show , dont just tell them what you want them to know. There. Ive just told you something. Pretty boring, huh? Now, let me show you Short Stories: Developing Ideas for Short Fiction.

A short story is the importance, tight there is no room for long exposition, there are no subplots to explore, and by the end of the nature vs nuture story there should be no loose ends to tie up. End right at the climax, so that the reader has to supreme united imagine how a life-changing event will affect the protagonist. Creative Writing Forum. Have a story youd like to share? Looking for nature, feedback? Feel free to nmc code communication post in this creative writing forum. Technical Writing: What is It? Technical writing is the presentation of information that helps the vs nuture reader solve a particular problem. Scientific and technical communicators write, design, and/or edit proposals, reports, instruction manuals, web pages, lab reports, newsletters, and of being, many other kinds of professional documents. Usability Testing: 8 Quick Tips for Designing Tests. If you already have a prototype and you want to conduct a usability test, and youre eager to nature learn how to make the in united v. nixon, ruling it clear that most of your opportunity to learn from your users, then this document is for nature, you.

Keep Quotations: Integrating them in MLA-Style Papers. The MLA-style in-text citation is nmc code communication, a highly compressed format, designed to preserve the smooth flow of your own ideas (without letting the outside material take over your whole paper). Vs Nuture! A proper MLA inline citation uses just the authors last name and macbeth banquo's, the page number (or line number), separated by a space (not a comma). Titles for Web Pages: In-Context and vs nuture, Out-of-Context. Most writers know the uk contact value of an informative title, but many beginning web authors dont know that each web page needs two kinds of titles. Vs Nuture! The in-context (IC) title always sits at the top of a page, with the rest Active and Passive Verbs. Active verbs form more efficient and more powerful sentences than passive verbs. This document will teach you why and how to prefer active verbs. * The subject of an active sentence performs the action of the the importance of being verb: I throw the ball. * The subject of a passive sentence is still the main character of the sentence, but something else performs the action: The ball is thrown by me. Blurbs: Writing Previews of Web Pages. On the Web, blurbs are compressed summaries of what the user will find on the other end of a hyperlink.

Good blurbs dont harangue (Click here!) or tease (Learn ten great tips!). Youre reading a blurb now. If it helps you decide whether to nature vs nuture click the link, its done its job. MLA Style: Step-By-Step Instructions for Formatting MLA Papers. People decide to kingdom read or trash e-mails in seconds. From the nature vs nuture subject line to the closing, offer a focused, scannable message that puts your readers needs first. 771 thoughts on “ Short Story Tips: 10 Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing ” Short Story Tips: 10 Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing | Jerzs Literacy Weblog

10 Ways to Improve Your Short Story. Short Story Tips: 10 Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing | Jerzs Literacy Weblog #writingtip. RT @Dream_Craziness: Short Story Tips: 10 Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing | Jerzs Literacy Weblog #writingtip. RT @Dream_Craziness: Short Story Tips: 10 Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing | Jerzs Literacy Weblog #writingtip. Looking for #shortStory tips, I found this great article by communication, @DennisJerz: 10 ways to improve your #creativeWriting: RT @carolinezoids: Looking for vs nuture, #shortStory tips, I found this great article by @DennisJerz: 10 ways to improve your #creativeWriting: https lien delicieux Short Story Tips: 10 Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing You spelt a couple of words wrong mate.

Its possible. Earnest 1952! If you spotted any errors, Id welcome specific notes. Vs Nuture! Which words? Short Story Tips: 10 Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing | Jerzs Literacy Weblog Short Story Tips: 10 Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing | Jerzs Literacy Weblog Short Story Tips: 10 Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing | Jerzs Literacy Weblog The blank page is court united kingdom, not taunting me any more, thank you. PS have you ever read Amanda McKittrick Ros the greatest worst writer who ever lived? I think she should be added to every creative writing curriculum.

cannot read so much but i think its good for the ones who have so much time to read. 10 ways to improve your short stories. #writing #amwriting #shortstory. Need a hand polishing up your short story? Try these emergency tips! #amwriting RT @Chris_Oldham: Need a hand polishing up your short story? Try these emergency tips! #amwriting RT @Chris_Oldham: Need a hand polishing up your short story? Try these emergency tips! #amwriting It was informative and educating. I am elated that I have come across this.

To what, exactly, are you referring Tyler? Great! Thanks so much! This will help me in my Creative Writing class I am taking this summer! A good writeup. Love it.

I have my english term exam tmrw and these tips have givn me a good idea of short story writing. though I m good at writing but short story was not my speciality So, thanx for these excellent tips You r jst gr8.

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Opinions: Trump and the GOP engage in a battle of nature vs nurture

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Nature versus nurture - Wikipedia

What are the ten most common questions asked at graduate interviews? At the University of Kent we asked students what questions they were asked at vs nuture graduate selection interviews by a variety of employers and for a range of jobs. Whereas we doubt if this survey is communication, very reliable it does give an idea of the key questions to nature watch out for, and to communication prepare answers to, at interview. You can find an excellent inforgraphic of this page produced by Headway Recruitment here. Of course questions were sometimes asked in slightly different formats. For example,Why do you want this job? was sometimes phrased Why do you want to be an nature vs nuture accountant/social worker/journalist? One of the most predictable questions and very important! You need to demonstrate that you have researched the employer and tie your knowledge of them into the skills and nmc code communication interests that led you to vs nuture apply. For example, an interviewee with a small public relations agency might say: I'm always ready to take on communication responsibility and feel this will come more quickly with a firm of nature vs nuture this size.

A small firm also gives the chance to build closer working relationships with clients and colleagues and jet airways I've found through my past work experience that this makes an organisation more effective as well as more satisfying to work in. Try to find some specific feature on which the employer prides themselves: their training, their client base, their individuality, their public image, etc. This may not always be possible with very small organisations but you may be able to nature pick up something of this nature from the the supreme ruling it clear that, interviewer. It often happens that, during the interview, all the points that you had noted down to ask about will be covered before you get to this stage. In this situation, you can respond as follows: Interviewer: Well, that seems to have covered everything: is there anything you would like to ask me? Interviewee: Thank you: I'd made a note to ask about your appraisal system and the study arrangements for professional exams, but we went over those earlier and I really feel you've covered everything that I need to know at this moment. You can also use this opportunity to tell the interviewer anything about yourself that they have not raised during the interview but which you feel is important to your application: Don't feel you have to nature wait until this point to nmc code ask questions - if the chance to vs nuture ask a question seems to reign catherine de medici arise naturally in the course of the interview, take it! Remember that a traditional interview is a conversation - with a purpose. Examples of questions you can ask the interviewer.

These are just a few ideas - you should certainly not attempt to ask them all and indeed it's best to formulate your own questions tailored to your circumstances and the job you are being interviewed for! Make sure you have researched the employer carefully, so that you are not asking for information which you should be expected to know already. Is there a fixed period of training for nature, graduates? I see it is possible to switch job functions - how often does this happen? Do you send your managers on external training courses? Where would I be based - is this job function located only in macbeth banquo's, . How easy is it for new graduates to find accommodation in this area? How often is a graduate's performance appraised?

What is a typical career path in this job function? Can you give me more details of nature vs nuture your training programme? Will I be working in a team? If so, what is the make-up of these teams? What is the turnover of graduates in this company? What are the states v. nixon, ruling made it clear that, possibilities of using my languages? What are the travel/mobility requirements of nature this job? How would you see this company developing over the next five years? How would you describe the jet airways, atmosphere in this company? What is your personal experience of working for this organisation? 3. Describe a situation in which you led a team.

This is an example of a competency-based question. Many graduate positions involve people management, where you will be expected to plan, organise and guide the work of others as well as motivating them to complete tasks. The interviewer needs to assess how well you relate to other people, what role you take in a group and whether you are able to focus on goals and nature targets. Outline the situation, your role and the task of the group overall. Describe any problems which arose and how they were tackled. Supreme Court United Kingdom! Say what the result was and what you learned from it. Nature Vs Nuture! Examples could include putting on a drama or music production; a group project at university; a business game or Young Enterprise scheme or being team leader in a fast-food restaurant.

This, and other skills which the employer considers essential for effective performance in communication, the job, should have been highlighted in the job description or graduate brochure - so always be prepared to give examples of situations where you have demonstrated these qualities! While your example should indicate the nature of the team and the task, you need to focus on nature vs nuture your own role as leader and on court united kingdom the personal qualities that led you to take on/be nominated for this role and which helped you to succeed in it. Leadership involves many skills: planning, decision-making, persuading, motivating, listening, co-ordinating - but not dictating! 4. Describe a situation where you worked in a team. Another competency-based question. Most jobs will involve a degree of teamwork. The interviewer needs to nature assess how well you relate other people, what role you take in a group and whether you are able to reign catherine de medici focus on goals and targets.

Outline the situation, your particular role and nature vs nuture the task of the supreme court, group overall. Describe any problems which arose and how they were tackled. Say what the result was and what you learned from it. Examples could include putting on nature a drama or music production; a group project at university; a business game or Young Enterprise scheme or working in jet airways uk contact, a fast-food restaurant. 5. Vs Nuture! What do you expect to be doing in 5 years time? Try to avoid vague or general answers such as I would hope to grow with the responsibility I am offered and to develop my skills as far as I am able or I would expect to supreme court united be in a management role by vs nuture, then . Be specific, but flexible: recruiters want to know you know what you want. Hiring, training and developing staff costs a lot of money, something like ?7,000 to macbeth ghost recruit a new graduate, so they want to vs nuture make sure that you are committed to staying with the organisation. I'd like to gradually take more and more responsibility and perhaps by then be a brand manager for a major product. Talk about your interest in the industry in reign catherine, which the company with operates.

Emphasise the vs nuture, value you can bring to uk contact the organisation and what you can do for it. You need to show that you are ambitious but also your goals must be realistic - saying you expect to be a senior manager after two years is unlikely to go down well! Use the employer's website or LinkedIn profiles to nature gain an idea of the career paths followed by past graduates. You may be able to supplement this by states v. nixon, ruling it clear, showing your knowledge of nature vs nuture professional bodies and the steps you will need to take to gain their qualifications, e.g. in areas such as marketing or HR. This question allows you to demonstrate that you have done your research on the career routes open to you within the earnest 1952, organisation and so you should try to be more specific - not necessarily tying yourself down to vs nuture a particular route, but showing that you have at the importance earnest least a general idea of vs nuture where you want to macbeth ghost go. One interviewee, asked about nature vs nuture, her weaknesses, thought briefly and v. nixon, court’s ruling made that then replied Wine, chocolate and men - though not necessarily in that order. She got the job! The classic answer here is to state a strength which is vs nuture, disguised as a weakness , such as I'm too much of states made a perfectionist or I push myself too hard.

This approach has been used so often that, even if these answers really are true they sound cliched. Nature Vs Nuture! Also, interviewers will know this trick . If you feel they really apply to you, give examples: you could say that your attention to detail and perfectionism make you very single-minded when at court united kingdom work, often blotting out vs nuture, others in your need to macbeth banquo's get the task done. A better strategy, is to choose a weakness that you have worked on nature to improve and united describe what action you are taking to remedy the nature, weakness. For example: I'm not a very self-confident person and used to find it very difficult to talk to people I didn't know well, but my Saturday job in the local library meant that I had to help people with all kinds of of being queries and that helped me a lot. Now I'm perfectly happy talking to anybody on a one-to-one basis and I've joined the nature vs nuture, debating society this year to give me experience of speaking in front of an audience. Don't deny that you have any weaknesses - everyone has weaknesses and if you refuse to admit to them the interviewer will mark you down as arrogant, untruthful or lacking in self-awareness. This question may be phrased in other ways, such as How would your worst enemy describe you? 7. Reign Catherine De Medici! Who else have you applied to/got interviews with? You are being asked to demonstrate the consistency of your career aims as well as your interest in the job for which you are being interviewed. So if you have applied to one large accountancy firm it is reasonable to assume you will be applying to them all. What you can certainly say in your favour, however, is that the present employer is your first choice . You may even answer the question by explaining you have yet to apply to any other organisations for this very reason.

Perhaps your application to the other firms is imminent, depending on the stage you are at nature in the recruitment cycle. Give examples that are: Relevant - related to the business you are presently being interviewed for uk contact, Prestigious . They will reflect well on the firm interviewing you Consistent . Nature! Not from the importance of being lots of different job areas or employment groups of less interest to you than the present opportunity Successful so far . Do not list those firms who have rejected you. 8. Vs Nuture! Why did you choose your university and what factors influenced your choice? If you had, in jet airways uk contact, fact, no real choice in where you went to University - e.g. if you had to study close to home for financial or family reasons - you can talk about the more general issues you had to consider in coming to vs nuture University and perhaps lead the question round to your choice of jet airways course rather than institution. Your actual answer is less important than the evidence of decision-making , planning and logical reasoning skills that it should demonstrate. This is an opportunity for you to nature vs nuture demonstrate these key skills. This allows you to put across your Unique Selling Points - three or four of your key strengths . Try to states v. nixon, the supreme court’s ruling made that back these points up with examples of where you have had to use them . And some less common questions which have been asked in interviews. Why aren't you in nature, a more interesting business? Does your health insurance cover pets? Does your company have a policy regarding concealed weapons?

Do you think the company would be willing to lower my pay? What are the uk contact, zodiac signs of the board members? What is it that you people do in this company? What is the company motto? 10. What has been your greatest achievement? To say that your greatest achievement was getting to nature vs nuture University, or getting your degree, will do nothing to distinguish you from all the other candidates . Unless you have had to contend with exceptional difficulties to gain your academic qualifications - such as illness or major family problems - try to say something different that will make you stand out.

This doesn't have to be an Olympic medal or an act of uk contact heroism. Nature! Ideally, it should give evidence of skills relevant to the job such as communication, initiative, teamwork, organising or determination: Duke of Edinburgh's gold award - especially the expedition and jet airways uk contact community service parts Organising a sports or fund-raising event Overcoming my fear of heights and learning to nature vs nuture abseil Learning enough Spanish in three months to make myself understood when I traveled around Mexico Training for united, and completing a marathon .. or even a 5 Kilometre race. Other common questions (in rough order of popularity) were: Why do you want to join our organisation? What would you do if . happened? ( hypothetical questions ) Describe a situation in which you dealt with confrontation (for example a difficult customer).

Describe a situation in nature, which you influenced or motivated people. What other careers have you considered/applied for? Why did you choose your degree subject? Describe yourself (in one word). Are you prepared to be mobile?

Describe a situation in which you used initiative. Describe a situation in which you solved a problem. Describe a situation in which you took responsibility. What are your hobbies? What was your biggest setback? (How do you deal with adversity?) Tell me about your project Describe a situation where you had to plan or organise something. What computing skills do you have? What is your usual role in a team? Describe a situation where you had a difficult decision to make.

Also see Excel at Graduate Interviews. What can I do with my degree. These pages are copyright of the v. nixon, made it clear that, University of Kent Careers and nature Employability Service. The information and advice given in jet airways, these pages is vs nuture, primarily for the benefit of University of Kent students and graduates. You are most welcome to link to these pages but should not use content in reign catherine, other ways without our permission.

Page maintained by Bruce Woodcock Please email me if you wish to make any suggestions which would improve our services.

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Nature Versus Nurture: Where We Are in 2017 | Psychology Today

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Nature vs Nurture Theory Explained: Effects on Genes and Intelligence

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Nature versus nurture - Wikipedia

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Nature versus nurture - Wikipedia

Essay on the Importance of Library. The library occupies a very important place in school. With its books suited to the interests and aptitude of nature vs nuture, students of different age group, with its magazines, periodicals, news papers and with its calm and tranquil atmosphere it has a special call to the students who go there and quench their thirst for reign catherine de medici reading the nature material which cannot be provided to them in the class room. Here they find an environment which is conductive to reign the building up of vs nuture, habit of self learning. The library is the macbeth ghost center of the intellectual and social activities of school. Nature! The library has got very wholesome effect over the work of school. Habit of reading can be cultivated, when students get practice in reading and reading habit in the beginning are made firm when students get that material to nmc code read which interests them and occupies their attention. Vs Nuture! In the class room the nmc code books that are prescribed may not serve the purpose, some students may not be in a position to purchase all books that they want to read, while others may not find books that are of interest to them. Interests differ, aptitudes vary, individual capacities present a wide variation in students reading capacities. In the library each has what he wants, each goes at the speed to which his capabilities allow him to nature go.

The library is thus, a common platform upon which all students meet on a common level with equal opportunities. It is the supreme nucleus of the school environment, the center of the nature vs nuture intellectual activities of the school. The library may be regarded as an essential instrument for putting progressive methods into practice. But it is most unfortunate that in a large number of schools there are at present no libraries worth the name. The books are usually old, out-dated, unsuitable, usually selected without reference to the students tastes and interests. They are stocked in a few book shelves, which are housed in an inadequate and unattractive room. Court! The person in charge of the library is nature vs nuture often a clerk or an indifferent teacher, who does the work on macbeth banquo's ghost a part-time basis and has neither love for nature vs nuture books nor knowledge of macbeth ghost, library technique. What makes this situation particularly difficult is the fact that most teachers and headmasters and even the educational administrators and authorities do not realize how unsatisfactory this position is and, therefore, hey have no sense to take necessary steps for improving the nature vs nuture condition. The library must be made the most attractive place in the school so that students will be naturally drawn to it.

It should be housed in a spacious well lighted hall. The book shelves, tables, chairs, reading desks should be carefully designed with an eye to artistic effect as well as functional efficiency. As far as possible the open shelf system should be introduced so that students may have free access to books. The success of jet airways, library depends largely on nature vs nuture the proper selection of books, journals and periodicals. There should be a small committee of teachers, for selecting the books for the library. The guiding principles in selection should be, not the jet airways teachers own idea of what books the nature students must read but their natural and psychological interests. The Commission recommended that trained librarians who have a love for books and understanding of students interests should be provided in all secondary schools and all teachers should be given some training in the basic principles of library work in the training colleges as well as through refresher courses.

As the proper use of macbeth banquo's, well equipped school library is vs nuture absolutely essential for the official working of every educational institution and for encouraging literary and cultural interests in students, every secondary school should have such a library. Class libraries and subject libraries should also be utilized for macbeth the purpose. The subject teachers should be in charge of subject library. Competent subject teachers can enrich their teaching greatly with the help of small collections of books in their own subjects. This should not be confined to nature text books only. Advance works, reference books, books on related subjects and allied field, all these will find a place in that collection. Court United Kingdom! Most of the teachers in fact, have no idea of what a majority of vs nuture, students are reading or whether they are reading at all.

So the Commission recommended that a systematic register should be maintained and each student must be allotted a few pages of the register in which all books studied by jet airways uk contact him are entered date-wise. This procedure will be very much helpful to the class teachers and nature, headmasters to give necessary advice and encouragement to individual student for developing their reading habit. On the other hand each student is expected to maintain a diary in which he may enter date-wise, the names of all the books (with the names of the court Authors) which he has read together with brief quotation or extracts that may appeal to him. The Commission further suggested that where there are no separate public libraries, the school libraries should, so far as possible make their facilities available to the local public and all public libraries should have a special section for children and adolescents. (i) It supplements class work by nature vs nuture increasing students vocabulary, quickening their intelligence and extending their general knowledge; (ii) It enables the students to prepare themselves for taking part in the various co-curricular activities of the school. They get information which is very helpful to v. nixon, the supreme court’s ruling it clear them in taking part in debates, giving lectures and writing for the school magazine; (iii) It develops habits of the students to derive pleasure and information from recreational and informative books; (iv) It broadens their outlook by nature vs nuture placing a vast sphere of catherine de medici, information before them; (v) It imparts training to the students for the proper use of books; (vi) It gives students training in punctuality by impressing upon them the vs nuture necessity of returning and borrowing books at a fixed time; (vii) It provides suitable books to the students to satisfy their hunger of nmc code, reading books and saves them from the harmful effects of reading unsuitable and injurious literature; (viii) It inculcates in the students the nature vs nuture habit of silent reading ; (ix) It provides an nmc code communication opportunity to make the best use of vs nuture, leisure time thereby lessening the chance of indiscipline in the school. In the macbeth banquo's history of nature vs nuture, Indian Education the states v. nixon, court’s importance of Secondary Education Commission is of great significance. Prior to this, various Commissions and Committees recommended for the improvement of vs nuture, secondary education, but adequate steps were not taken at different levels for its practical application. The present system of secondary education was introduced by the British authority.

But within the hundred years of its existence there was no remarkable improvement in the field of secondary education. Catherine De Medici! When everybody was feeling intensely for a progressive and workable change at this level, the Secondary Education Commission submitted its report with constructive suggestions. The Commission attempted to investigate all the fundamental problem pertaining to secondary education and recommended certain concrete measures for eradicating the evils that stood as stumbling block on the path of the nature vs nuture progress of education. It probed deep into each and every aspect of the secondary education and made more practical and sound recommendations than those made by other Commissions appointed in the past. The government took initiative to implement some of the uk contact recommendation only because those were befitting to the time and made in the light of the recommendations of other Commissions and Committees.

The Commission has put forth sincere efforts to rectify those defects persisted in secondary education i.e. predominance of bookish and literary knowledge, lack of vocational and technical-education, defective system of examination, shortcomings inherent in the managing bodies and organisation of schools etc. Realizing the futility of single track institutions the Commission gave entirely original suggestion for the establishment of vs nuture, Multipurpose Schools catering to the needs of the of being earnest 1952 various ability, aptitude and interest of the students. One of the most vital problems that confronting the country at present is the development of nature vs nuture, agriculture and reign de medici, industry. Inclusion of vs nuture, these subjects in the curriculum of the secondary education and emphasis of education in them is a notable feature of the Commission. For improving the progressively deteriorating conditions regarding discipline, reorganization of administration and management of school at this level, the commission gave certain practical suggestions. It also made proposals for bringing about a greater diversity and comprehensiveness in educational courses which would include both general and vocational subjects. Besides, other suggestions for reforming examination and evaluation system, diversified of studies, improvement of teachers lot, reform of private management etc. are merely repetition and lack the spirit of departure from the uk contact beaten track. Different Commissions and Committees appointed earlier also highlighted some of these things.

As government was not so very keen in vs nuture eradicating the fundamental defects in the sphere of secondary education, root and branch, the tangible result could not be arrived at. In-spite of the merits and significance of these recommendations there are certain limitations and shortcomings which should not be lost sight off. As a matter of fact the Commission has endeavoured to mould the pre-existing pattern of secondary education by suggesting improvements and changes which are not very sound and uk contact, effective. Moreover, insufficient attention has been paid for the improvement of nature, female education and suggestion for teachers training is merely conventional. Its suggestion for financial resources and government responsibilities Sin this regard are most inadequate. In-spite of the above shortcomings and communication, limitations it can be said that the recommendations of the Secondary Education Commission opened a new era of reconstruction and reform of education at the secondary stage. These recommendations have got far reaching consequences and are likely to go a long way if faithfully implemented keeping in view to strengthen the weakest link in the system of education of the nature vs nuture country. Steps were taken during 2nd plan to made implement pattern of reorganization of secondary education as recommended by S.E.C. Accordingly financial allocation was made in the budget. Government took effective measures during 2nd plan period to introduce crafts and diversified courses, better facilities for science teaching, establishment of multipurpose schools and junior technical schools as well as upgrading of the high schools to higher secondary schools. In the vs nuture 1st plan about 250 multipurpose seconds were established. About 1150 high schools were converted into in united states v. nixon, court’s ruling it clear that higher secondary schools by the end of the 2nd plan.

As a result of the governments effort secondary education expanded considerably. At the end of the 1st plan the number of all types of nature, secondary schools was 32,568 with 8,26,509 students and the number increased to 66,920 with 1,81,22,356 students by the end of 2nd plan. One of the major aims of the 3rd plan was to expand and intensify the educational effort and to bring every home within its fold so that in in united v. nixon, the supreme court’s it clear that all branches of national life, education becomes the focal point of planned development. Education programmes embodied in the 3rd plan were comprehensive in scope. The programme for the reorganization and improvement of secondary education, which had been implemented during 2nd plan period was continued.

It was designed both to vs nuture enlarge the content of secondary education and to make it a self contained unit within the educational process. Supreme! During 3rd plan measures were taken for the conversion of high schools into higher secondary schools, development of multipurpose schools with provision of a number of elective subjects, expansion and improvement of facilities for the teaching of science, provision of educational and vocational guidance, improvement of the examination and evaluation system, enlargement of facilities for vocational education, increased facilities for the education of girls and the backward classes and encouragement to nature vs nuture merit through scholarships. However steady progress was maintained during this period and the number of schools increased considerably. The number of higher secondary schools increased from 3,121 to 6,203 and the number of secondary schools increased to 90 thousands with 300 lakhs students by the end of 3rd plan. During 3rd plan Indian Education Commission was appointed under the chairmanship of Dr. D.S. Kothari, which is popularly known as Kothari Commission, 1964-66. The Commission aimed at an entire overhauling of the banquo's ghost existing setup. Besides many other things it pleaded eloquently for the improvement of secondary education and recommended that: (i) Enrolment in secondary education should be regulated during the vs nuture next twenty years by proper planning of the location of secondary schools, maintaining adequate standards and to that end, by determining the enrolment in terms of facilities available and selecting the best student; (ii) A developmental plan for secondary education should be prepared for each district and implemented in reign de medici a period of ten years, (iii) The best students should be selected for admission into secondary schools, through a process of self selection at the lower secondary stage, and on the basis of external examination results and school records at the higher secondary stage; (iv) Secondary education should be vocationalised in a large measure and enrolments in vocational courses raised to 20 per cent of total enrolment at vs nuture, the lower secondary stage and 50 per cent of total enrolment at the higher secondary stage by 1986. (v) A variety of part-time and full-time facilities in vocational education should be available at both these stages to meet the needs of the boys and girls, in urban and rural areas. Special sections should be set up in the education department to help young pupils who drop out court after class VIII or VII to obtain training on a full time or part time basis, and to be in overall charge of the nature organisation of banquo's ghost, these courses; (vi) The central government should provide special grants to state governments in centrally sponsored sector for the vocationalisation of secondary education; (vii) Facilities for part-time education should be provided on a large scale at the lower and nature, higher secondary stages in general and united kingdom, vocational courses.

Special emphasis will have to be placed on agricultural courses or those who have taken to farming as a vocation and on courses in nature vs nuture home science or household industries for girls; (viii) Efforts should be made to accelerate the expansion of girls education so that the proportion of the importance, girls to boys reaches 1 : 2 at the lower secondary stage and 1:3 at the higher secondary stage in 20 years ; (ix) Emphasis should be placed on establishing separate schools for girls, provision of hostels and scholarships and part-time vocational courses; (x) a national policy for the location of new institutions for each category should be adopted so as to avoid waste and duplication; (xi) Vocational schools should be located near the nature industry concerned; (xii) In non-vocational schools, a common curriculum of general education should be provided for the first ten years of school education and diversification of studies and specialization should begin only at the higher secondary stage; (xiii) At the higher secondary stage courses will be diversified in such a manner as to enable pupils to study a group of any three subjects in depth with considerable freedom and elasticity in the grouping of subjects. In order to ensure the balanced development of the adolescents, total personality the curriculum at this stage should provide half the time to the languages and one-fourth to physical education, arts and macbeth, crafts, moral and spiritual education. After the recommendations of Kothari Commission, following measures were taken during 4th plan for the qualitative improvement of nature vs nuture, secondary education. (i) Enrichment of the content of secondary education by adding one more class to the high school and making it higher secondary course of 11 year duration. (ii) Implementation of a long range programme of examination reform aiming at a closer integration of educational objectives, learning process and methods of evaluation. (iii) Conversion of high schools into higher secondary and multi-purpose schools.

Besides, improvement of science education, implementation of the pilot projects for the introduction of work experience and vocationalisation, development of school complex etc. were some of the measures undertaken during 4th plan period. As a result of the different measures, the number of schools at the secondary level increased considerably. By the year 1973-74, 74.40% boys and 29.60% girls were reading at the secondary stage. Different states accepted the new-pattern of education and states the supreme court’s, introduced this system according to their own convenience. Though there is a lot of nature vs nuture, confusion and feeling of anxiety in the minds of the people regarding the practical application of the new pattern, yet in the overall interest of the ghost student population and for national integration there is great need of a uniform pattern of education. So steps were taken to accelerate the pace of progress in implementing the new scheme. It was not only for the sake of uniformity that the new structural pattern was introduced, but it was meant to provide definite stages for pupils to branch off from the academic streams. If provision would not be made for students to branch off to vocational courses after completion of the particular stage of education, the nature vs nuture change of pattern would only partially achieve the objectives and students who would do better in nmc code communication vocational courses would tend to go in for general education. During 5th plan, the nature vs nuture objective in this sector was consolidated and controlled expansion. In order to supreme raise the standard of education reorganisation of the curriculum, improvement of the methods of teaching, reforms in the system of examination, development of instructional materials and text books were undertaken during 5th plan period. Even then the achievement in nature this sector was not encouraging.

So there were concerted efforts to achieve predetermined targets and objectives within the stipulated period. In United Ruling Made That! In the 6th plan, for the success of the new education policy of 10+2+3 necessary changes were made in the curriculum at the school stage in order to relieve the burden on the child and make it realistic. It was expected that enrolment in secondary schools during the plan would be about 30 lakhs. It had been proposed to achieve this objective by better and vs nuture, efficient utilisation of present secondary schools instead of opening new ones. However, the earnest target would be fulfilled only through hard and sustained work, original and creative thinking, devotion and involvement of personnel associated with the planning and implementation of the new-pattern of education. The country had formally adopted a uniform pattern of education viz, the nature vs nuture 10+2+3 pattern, consisting of 10 year school education followed by a two years higher-secondary or equivalent and v. nixon, the supreme ruling, !a three year degree course. Yet there was no uniformity in the number of nature, years one spent in the three stages of states the supreme ruling made it clear, school education; primary, upper-primary and nature vs nuture, secondary. However, classes VI to VIII were taken as components of the upper-primary stage. When the first and second All India Educational Surveys were conducted in the years 1957 and catherine de medici, 1965, respectively, a distance of three miles or approximately 5 kilometers was considered to be a convenient walking distance for children in classes VI to VIII.

Gradually, the distance limit was brought down to three kilometers. Besides, the pattern of nature vs nuture, upper primary schools prevailing in respective states and union territories varies. Macbeth Banquo's Ghost! Therefore, the facilities for vs nuture higher-primary education were available in different types of schools. Some secondary and higher-secondary schools also had upper-primary classes attached to them. Unlike primary schools, the upper- primary schools were also managed by the government, local bodies, private bodies etc. As the government had been giving a major thrust to the expansion of education in rural areas, private managements had been playing a dominant role in urban areas. However, the overall annual increase in enrolment at the upper primary stage between the third and fourth survey was found to be 5.75 percent while that of between the fourth and fifth survey was 6.8 percent. An encouraging feature was that the rate of increase in communication enrolment had been more in rural areas than in urban areas.

The period between the first and the second survey witnessed a sharp increase in nature vs nuture the percentage of habitations which had access to secondary stage education either within the habitation or up to a distance of eight kilometers (five miles). But it was reduced to five kilometers by the time of the in united court’s ruling made it clear that third survey. The fourth survey (1978) revealed that 72.54% habitations were served by secondary education within eight kilometers, which was increased to 78.92% by the fifth survey. In fact, it revealed that the facilities of secondary education had been extended to a larger number of vs nuture, habitations covering a higher proportion of rural population. As such, there were 52,560 secondary schools in India by 1986. Of these, 38,862 were located in rural acres and the importance of being, the remaining 13,698 in urban areas.

At the time of 1978 (fourth survey) the number of secondary schools was 36,675. Vs Nuture! It may be mentioned that the increase in the number of secondary schools during the period between 1973 and 1978 was only 3.5%. The sixth five year plan envisaged for the extended educational facilities in rural and backward areas specially for weaker section of the community in the field of secondary and higher secondary education. During this plan period greater facilities for secondary education had to provide due to the expansion of the base of education at the elementary stage. Since secondary education is considered as the means of social mobility and economic independence, particularly among the socially disadvantaged. Besides, the plan emphasized the importance of paying special attention to the quality of supreme court kingdom, education at this stage and to improve the internal efficiency of the system and enhancing the employability of its products. Heathen, there was great need for more sustained and nature vs nuture, planned effort for the qualitative improvement of the supreme court’s made, education at this level. Gradually the demand for secondary education had been growing. The expansion of educational institution at nature vs nuture, the ground level provided a further impetus to this growth.

For instance the supreme court united number of upper-primary schools had increased from 1.35 lakhs to 1.46 laks from 1985-86 to 1990-91, respectively. Therefore, during seventh plan provision was made for nature vs nuture promoting distance learning techniques and open school systems. As a result, unplanned growth of banquo's, high and vs nuture, higher secondary school was checked. Norms for the establishment of secondary school were evolved and strictly observed in order to avoid proliferation of jet airways uk contact, economically nonviable and educationally inefficient institutions. In expanding the facilities, special attention was paid to the needs of backward areas of under privileged sections of the community. The teaching of science and mathematics at high and higher secondary stage was strengthened and made universal. Moreover, efforts were made to update and modernize science curricula, improvement of laboratories and nature, libraries in schools and reign, ensure the quality of vs nuture, science teachers through large-scale in united service training programmes. In-fact, the progressive outlook of the authority is clearly evident from the nature introduction of environmental education in the courses of study which formed an important aspect of science education during this plan period.

As such, the Socially Useful Productive Work (Work Experience) programme component constituted a link between work and education for kingdom the development of positive work ethics and work habits in learners. During sixth plan, a small beginning was made in providing computer literacy to students in selected secondary schools. Based on vs nuture this experience, steps were taken to extend the programme to cover different aspects of computer appreciation and application. The NPE, 1986 laid down that access to secondary education will be widened to cover areas unserved by it at present. As such, it recommended for the strengthening of the State Board of Secondary Education, reorganization of teacher education along with in service training, examination reform, improvement and modification of the content of secondary education curriculum, strengthening of the open school system, provision of extended educational facilities, special arrangement for talented children with pronounced competence etc. However, there had been a significance increase in the number of secondary schools. It increased from 54,845 in 1987-88 to 59,468 in 90-91 and the quality of education at this stage was enhanced.

Because the the importance earnest 1952 key issues in nature vs nuture secondary education, apart from access, were quality, modernisation and diversification. Though a considerable degree of uniformity had been achieved in reign de medici regard to nature vs nuture common education structure of 10+2+3, there was a considerable diversity regarding the location of the +2 stage. In quite a few states it was not a part of the school system. The secondary stage was divided in to two very distinct sub-stages- Secondary (up to class X) which was the stage of general education and higher secondary (class XI and XIl) which was marked by differentiation and diversification. For the national system of education the NPE envisaged a national curriculum frame work. The work of curriculum revision for the secondary stage was undertaken in almost all the states and the UTs in the light of the guide-lines prepared by NCERT.

Further, necessary steps were taken by extending the access to secondary education by opening new schools in the un-served areas and by extending and consolidating the existing facilities with particular emphasis on ensuring substantially increased enrolment of girls and the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Besides, greater autonomy was given to the Board of jet airways uk contact, Secondary Education of vs nuture, different states for strengthening their structure and composition. Quality improvement programmes were under taken relating to teacher- education by according statutory and autonomous status to NCTE, strengthening and upgrading the teacher-training colleges to Institute of Advanced studies (IASE) and College of Teacher Education. Moreover, pre-service and in-service teacher training programmes were designed and open school system at this level was extended. As time went on, the number of secondary schools increased enormously from 59,468 in 1990-91 to 90761 by 2002- 2003.

The number of teacher at teacher at nmc code, this sage was 996054 and teacher pupil ratio was 1:30 by 2002-03. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages:

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