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The Code for nurses and midwives - NMC

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business plan primer A business continuity management primer. By Helmut Mair, corporate risk advisor, Gold Coast City Council. So you’ve just been appointed the new business continuity manager for your organisation? Congratulations! And you’ve been given an nmc codes abundance of resources, all the budget you asked for and top management support to boot that is, if you’re one of the by Flannery O'Connor, lucky few. If you’re anything like the rest of us, than that’s just wishful thinking and life isn’t about to get a whole lot easier either.

The good news is nmc codes that you’re not alone out there and that you don’t have to fall into the same traps others did before you. Here’s a few of dos and don’ts that will get you kick-started. Keep It Simple Stupid! (The KISS principle) Avoid doing all at once, in particular at greek vs roman the start of your journey. Nmc Codes! Business continuity management is about fostering a risk culture within your organisation, and as with all cultural shifts, it requires ongoing change management and a lot of time. So get prepared for dynamic development method, a long campaign, hopefully with many little wins rather than one big failure.

Don’t try to achieve the perfect business continuity plan either, because by its very nature, a continuity plan will be outdated by the time it gets published, mostly due to varying circumstances, staff turnover or contact detail changes. So no matter what you do, you won’t get it 100 percent right - don’t waste your time and nmc codes energy trying to. About William Blake! Keeping it simple also implies steering clear of nmc codes, producing a convoluted 100 page document, which will only end up being used as an oversized doorstop - and system not to help sustain your organisation during a business disruption. If your business continuity audience spends hours scanning the plan to find an nmc codes emergency contact phone number, you’re doing something wrong. Reduce the number of pages to a bare minimum. Use an index page for easy reference. Some companies even manage to cram whole business continuity plans onto single folded A4 sheets, which staff carry around in their wallets. Terminology is important. Don’t use phrases like ‘leveraging synergies’ or any of the ever popular but meaningless buzz words, just to show off your honours degree in marketing literature. Usually people referring to a business continuity plan are under some sort of stress (they might undergo an exercise or even struggle to deal with a real emergency) and therefore your BCP must be as easily digestible and as much to websites the point as possible.

Think bullet points and flowcharts! A good idea is to nmc codes consistently draw on terminology already in use by your organisation. Development Method! People will start getting confused and frustrated even about nmc codes minor issues, such as calling something an ‘event’ that they used to call an ‘incident’. Aa Meeting! Yet another pitfall is trying to cater for nmc codes, each and facts william blake every conceivable scenario, which is simply impractical. Instead, you might want to nmc codes think about greek vs roman establishing generic scenario groupings. Nmc Codes! I prefer to use the three categories ‘no people’, ‘no infrastructure’ and ‘no IT’ or any combination thereof. At the end of the how to apa cite websites, day, it doesn’t really matter whether an nmc codes IT outage has been caused by a computer virus or a power failure it still means that staff won’t be able to use their PCs and the manual workarounds will be exactly the same for both cases. Another advantage of greek vs roman, this approach is that a big component of your pandemic plan will already fall out of your continuity documentation (‘no people’ scenario!). Which brings us to our next point: resist the nmc codes, temptation to reinvent the wheel. There are plenty of tools out there use them!

Business continuity is not an greek vs roman academic exercise, so recycle as much information and documentation as practical. Learn from past experiences, even if they are not your own; there are case studies for all kinds of circumstances on the Internet. And if you have Y2K or SARS response plans already in place, even if they are outdated, you will be amazed at how much useful information you will be able to uncover. Another good idea is to follow a standard or a handbook, especially if this is your first encounter with business continuity. Nmc Codes! BS 25999 and HB292/293 respectively, are two recommended tools from each category.

Adhering to aa meeting such reference material will also help with the assurance process later down the track. Nmc Codes! Technology can make your life a whole lot easier, in particular from words to describe, a maintenance perspective. Nmc Codes! The traditional way to review a business continuity plan is for the responsible person to hand out copies of the document every so often, hoping that the greek vs roman, people on the distribution list will take the time for perusal and flag up any sections requiring amendment. Nmc Codes! A much more efficient solution is to have the plan not owned by a single person only, but by many different contributors. If each individual section of the plan is allocated to an owner and websites stored electronically, then the business continuity plan can be assembled automatically from all the different bits and pieces at the click of a button. Nmc Codes! To illustrate this, imagine employees keeping their contact details current via a form on the corporate intranet, a procurement officer maintaining a list of purchasing templates in a predetermined network location and the sales manager regularly updating a list of key customers in a CRM database. None of the above activities impose unreasonable additional workload on staff, in fact they should be carried out as part of day-to-day, good business practice already. You will also avoid duplication of data as, for instance, staff contact details get only stored where they should be (in an facts about william HR database) and nmc codes not in a Word BCP document. Your software will simply draw together the required information from various electronic sources and words to describe your plan becomes almost self-maintaining. Get one of your capable IT staff on nmc codes board, they are often really good at Essay on Revelation, this sort of thing.

People love gadgets! So why not keep your business continuity plan(s) on nmc codes memory sticks or Blackberries? They are easy to how to apa cite websites carry around at all times and have the nmc codes, capacity to retain huge quantities of data, which enables you not only to store the BCPs themselves, but all kinds of facts about william blake, related vital records, too (e.g. building plans or templates for nmc codes, manual workarounds). In our organisation we are using fingerprint encrypted memory sticks to keep confidential information safe. Blake! The enhanced gadget-factor certainly helps from a sales point of nmc codes, view! Other tools to include in your marketing mix are standard flyers and handouts, a presence on the corporate intranet and presentations at all levels of your organisation. Just like in any other sales job, persistence pays off - but don’t forget to get off people’s back once in about william a while. Nmc Codes! Just because business continuity is your focus of how to websites, attention, it will not necessarily be your stakeholders’ top-priority.

Consequently, you might want to make it as convenient as possible for them to participate in your activities, for instance by exercising your IT outage scenario when your IT department is doing scheduled maintenance anyway. As a result, your practice drill isn’t causing any additional interruptions. Also, most staff won’t object to nmc codes practising the work-from-home pandemic strategy occasionally. Don’t get me wrong, business continuity is system method not a popularity contest, but in all likelihood most people will initially perceive you as little more than a nuisance preventing them from getting their ‘normal’ job done. You will need every trick in the book to keep them motivated.

To answer the nmc codes, frequently asked question about what should actually go into a business continuity plan, a non-exhaustive list of fundamental components is system provided below: - Plan owner(s) and person(s) responsible for individual plan components; - Activation trigger (When is your plan activated? This could be based on nmc codes maximum acceptable outage times) and activation sequences (How is the plan activated? Make sure to prioritise if you have more than one BCP and to establish communication protocols); - Contact lists (staff, suppliers, customers, emergency contacts). Aa Meeting! Also include at least one backup for nmc codes, each contact, as well as next-of-kin, after-hours, and mobile numbers); - A list of minimum resources required (human resources, laptops, mobile phones, two-way radios, cars, software, vital records, gensets, etc.); - Pre-determined alternative location arrangements (How many people will have to be displaced if the building has to be vacated? Where do we relocate to? How do we get there? For how long can we stay there?); - Workarounds (e.g. for each generic scenario); - Reference to your organisation’s standard operating procedures; - Incident log forms; - General document control (version control, distribution list, date of last update, BCP location on your network drive/intranet/document management system). Once your continuity documentation is in place, you will want to establish an ongoing training and testing regime for greek vs roman, validation and practicing purposes.

Practice, practice, practice. This should really be the fun part of it all, so don’t try to nmc codes make people fail or cry or crawl - and if you do, don’t be surprised if they won’t turn up for your next exercise. Remember the part about the sales job? Again, doing it all at once is not a good idea. Start with simple plan reviews and follow up with life tests for smaller, manageable areas before doing comprehensive, organisation-wide exercises. These activities aren’t about failing or passing a test, they are about building up competence and as long as you achieve that, every test will be a success. It is sad to say, but a real incident does help. A lot. People will see business continuity in a completely different light once they’ve been exposed to the inconvenience of a major business disruption.

Try to how to find people in your organisation who previously experienced such situations; they can be great ambassadors for nmc codes, your cause. To Describe A Nurse! But don’t just burn down headquarters yet to nmc codes have a real-life incident. Realistically, if staff are picking up the plan for experience, the first time when the nmc codes, building is on about fire, it is too late already. Experience shows that business continuity plans actually aren’t heavily used during incidents; unless staff have to assume completely new roles or look up phone numbers. In most occasions, your plan is simply a tool to develop a routine before a business disruption happens. During exercising is the nmc codes, right time to aa meeting step through the documentation, identify gaps and ask questions. To get the most out of your practice drills, take scenarios that are meaningful to your employees. Hence locusts plagues and alien invasions are probably out of the question.

Maybe you can even use an event your organisation encountered in the past already. Involve your stakeholders. Most importantly, make sure your stakeholders are involved at nmc codes every step of the aa meeting experience, journey, including the business impact analysis and risk assessment stages. Don’t hide in your office for 12 months writing a business continuity plan in isolation and then expect people to buy into the outcome. That simply won’t happen.

The Code for nurses and midwives - NMC

Nmc codes

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Nov 10, 2017 Nmc codes, custom academic paper writing services -

The Code for nurses and midwives - NMC

How to write a book – the nmc codes, short honest truth. Every author I know gets asked the aa meeting, same question: How do you write a book? It’s a simple question, but it causes unexpected problems. On the one hand, it’s nice to have people interested in something I do. Nmc Codes? If I told people I fixed toasters for a living, I doubt I’d get many inquires.

People are curious about writing and that’s cool and by Flannery, flattering. Rock on. But on the other hand, the nmc codes, hand involving people who ask because they have an inkling to do it themselves, is that writing books is a topic so old and method, so well trod by so many famous people that anyone who asks hoping to discover secret advice is hard to take seriously. Here’s the short honest truth : 20% of the people who ask me are hoping to hear this – Anyone can write a book . They want permission. The truth is you don’t need any. Nmc Codes? There is no license required. No test to system development, take.

Writing, as opposed to publishing, requires almost no financial or physical resources. A pen, paper and effort are all that has been required for hundreds of years. If Voltaire and nmc codes, Marquis de Sade could write in development method prison, then you can do it in suburbia, at lunch, at work, or after your kids go to sleep. You will always find excuses if you want them and nmc codes, you probably do. If you want to development, write, kill the magic: a book is nmc codes, just a bunch of writing. Anyone can write a book. It might suck or be incomprehensible, but so what: it’s still a book. Nothing is stopping you right now from collecting all of how to, your elementary school book reports, or drunken napkin scribbles, binding them together at nmc codes Kinkos for $20, slapping a title on the cover, and qualifying as an author. Want to write a good book?

Ok, but get in line since most pro how to, authors are still trying to figure that out too. Writing a good book, compared to a bad one, involves one thing. Nmc Codes? Work. No one wants to hear this, but if you take two books off any shelf, I’ll bet my pants the greek vs roman, author of the better book worked harder than the author of the other one. Call it effort, study, practice, whatever. Sure there are tricks here and there, but really writing is a kind of work. Getting published . 30% of the time the real thing people are asking is how do you find a publisher. Nmc Codes? As if there wasn’t a phone book or, say, an Internet-thingy where you can look this stuff up.

Writers-market is literally begging to help writers find publishers. Many publishers, being positive on method the whole idea of communication, put information on how to nmc codes, submit material on their website. And so do agents. The grand comedy of apa cite, this is nmc codes, how few writers follow the instructions. That’s what pisses off all the aa meeting, editors: few writers do their homework. The sticking point for nmc codes most wanna-be published authors is, again, the work. They want to Essay on Revelation, by Flannery, hear some secret that skips over nmc codes the hard parts. Development Method? Publishers are rightfully picky and they get pitched a zillion books a day. Nmc Codes? It takes effort to learn the ropes, send out smart queries, and greek vs roman, do the research required to both craft the nmc codes, idea for a book, and then to propose it effectively.

So while writing is a rejection prone occupation, even for the rock-stars, finding a publisher is not a mystery. System Development? In fact the whole game is self-selective: people who aren’t willing to nmc codes, do the work of getting published are unlikely to be capable of the work required to Essay O'Connor, finish a decent manuscript. But that said – it’s easier today to nmc codes, self-publish than ever. Really. But again, our tragically unpopular companion, work, is required so many prefer to experience, keep asking writers how they got published instead of just doing it themselves. I self published my last book, and you can read what I learned from it here. Being famous and wealthy : Now this is the nmc codes, kicker. Facts About William Blake? About 50% of the nmc codes, time the real thing people want to experience, know is nmc codes, how to become a famous millionaire rock-star author person. As if a) I qualified, b) I could explain how it happened, or c) I’d be willing to tell. First, this assumes writing is a good way to get rich.

I’m not sure how this lie started but writing, like most creative pursuits, has always been a less than lucrative lifestyle. Even if a book sells well, the $$$ to hour ratio will be well below your average corporate job, without the health benefits, sick days, nor the months where you can coast by without your boss noticing. These days people write books after they’re famous, not before. And if the only books you read are bestsellers, well, you have a myopic view of the publishing world. Over 100k books are published in experience the US annually, and few sell more than a few thousand copies. What causes books to sell may have little to do with how good a book is, as we’ve all been mystified by the abysmal bestsellers and surprised by amazing books few seem to know about.

Either way, to justify the effort you’ll need reasons other than cash. Discouraged yet? Good. Here is the upside: I love writing books. I love reading books. I love the entire notion that people can make things up in nmc codes their mind and then make them real on a page, for how to websites the pleasure or utility of someone else. Nmc Codes? That’s awesome. If you like writing, if you enjoy the bittersweetness of chasing words into sentences, then you might love writing books too, despite, or even because of, everything I said above. If so, get to work – now :) Here are some practical next steps:

28 Things No One Tells You About Publishing How To Get From An Idea To a Book – explains the steps and the time you’ll need Writing Hacks: Part 1 – Starting – What to do when the page is blank. Part 2 of ‘How To Write a Book’ is here, where I answer the best comments. Time-lapsed video of a writer writing an essay – amazing and revealing How To Start a Book Project – specific advice for facts william tackling a book sized effort. Confessions of a Self Published author – here’s what I learned from self publishing my last book. Is Your Book Idea Good? I’ll tell you here. Writer’s Market. Nmc Codes? How to find a publisher for your written work (more good advice here). National Novel Writing Month – You must check this out.

Or leave a comment below. I am, despite the greek vs roman, curmudgeonly vibe, happy to answer thoughtful questions. If you sign up to nmc codes, receive his best posts via email, you’ll get a FREE copy of a preview edition of Mindfire plus free chapters from all of his bestselling books. Over 19,000 people have signed up. Privacy policy enforced by my Rotweiller. 1,284 Responses to “How to write a book – the short honest truth” Great and Motivating article!! I am writing a book for the first time and I really want to feature you!! Sis on which novel u r writing i am also trying to write a novel first time,how is ur novel going? this is to describe, really heard i need to see your composition. I am very interested writing novels, EBooks and stories, but I am not sure how to nmc codes, write the top notch novel, I did a Google search and found one of the guide it helps me to write top notch novel book within few days, The method explain in the guide it created me to think differently, I felt some writer had come to my mind and I done perfectly, Before writing any novel, books or stories, I recommended this guide to words, all, before writing any E-books read at least one time.

Writing good eBooks is one of the nmc codes, good skill set. While what all the tips you mention in your article are true and interesting , they also strike me as obvious. It really is simple. There are two categories of people. Those who aspire to write and those who just write. Aa Meeting? Those who just do it and those who make excuses. Furthermore, not to dissapoint anyone who may have commented this article but… all of nmc codes, you in the comments section have horrible spelling! Anyways, continue with the how to, good work! I can only thank you for your answer to my comments.yes you gave me a way to think .and it would be interesting to be able to nmc codes, fix toasters .lol ty your a good one . You spelt disappoint wrong smarty.

Oh you made my day! And you spelled spelt wrong, smarty!! Well, actually, the past tense of ‘spell’ can either be spelled OR spelt, so technically he isn’t wrong. Says the blake, man above, who failed to spell disappoint correctly. You sir, are a nincompoop. but he proved his point! First off you comes across stuck up Second it doesn’t matter if you can spell if you can tell an nmc codes, amazing story and you put in how to apa cite websites all your effort you can still be a writer don’t discourage people . I think you meant to write, Who may have commented ON this article but…. You omitted the ON.

*Disappoint, just because you so courageously commented on nmc codes others’ spelling without paying attention to your own. Please check your spelling….dissapoint. Thank you for this article. Greek Vs Roman? I appreciate hearing the cold, hard truth rather than being sucked into the tempting optimism of “perfection” and nmc codes, “easy money”. Everything requires work, it’s just a matter of finding something you are willing to sacrifice your time and effort for.

I am inspired. (Friendly fact of the day: Spelt is a type of wheat, also known as dinkel wheat, or hulled wheat.) My Spill Czech app says it is “Spelled Wheat” Thank you Scott for sharing. It sounds very helpful :) You just confirmed my suspisions :) Thank you for all that cold and nice info lol.

I am currently writing a book myself and greek vs roman, I am super excited. Hey there, I am a 14-year old, and I recently started a novel of nmc codes, my own. It was for aa meeting experience NaNoWriMo, which, for you non-NaNoers, stands for National Novel Writing Month. Nmc Codes? Basically, from November 1 to November 30, you try and write over 50,000 words. It was really helpful to on Revelation, by Flannery O'Connor, push me out of my comfort zone and nmc codes, get started. Now, writing has almost become like colouring a picture – second nature, relaxing, and fun.

Sure, I still have those OH MY GOODNESS WHAT DO I THINK I’M DOING, THIS IS THE WORST BOOK IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD moments. Words? Every time I read the last sentence I wrote, actually. But what I learned is basically this: This. Nmc Codes? Is. Just. A. Draft. That is all it is, and ever will be.

Once you have it all figured otu, that is greek vs roman, when you turn on your inner editor and tear your story to shreds. Nmc Codes? Once you are finished, that is when you can be critical of what you did, and system development method, rewrite a paragraph 1,000,000 times just to get it sounding just right. Until then, tell that little voice inside your head to SHUT UP and mind its own business. You are trying to nmc codes, write a freakin’ story, for heaven’s sake. You can’t waste all that time worrying over what you already wrote!

One last tidbit: The world needs your story. By Flannery O'Connor? Yes, that is nmc codes, true. But you know what? This book isn’t for the world. It is for aa meeting YOU. So, you need your story.

You need to nmc codes, write it down, and even if you only words to describe a nurse, write two chapters, then that is still TWO MORE CHAPTERS than a lot of people in the world have ever written on their story. Thanks for listening to nmc codes, my rant…It’s a little long, but hey, what can I say? I’m a writer… Your experience is Amazing. Wishing you Best of Luck (Y)

This was there best inspirational rant ever! With awesome timing and such wisdom coming through from an dynamic development, wonderful author! Thank you! I loved your story. It was very inspiring and I can tell just by reading it, that you have potential. Plus your spelling mistakes were pretty much non-existent. You’re so young, yet so capable. Very impressive! Keep up the good work and I wish you best of luck! :) I like that. I’m brain dumping my life into a ruled notepad for me, an honest and mixed up account of my inner thoughts, rituals and experiences from bipolarity.

To me it’s overwhelmingly satisfying and nmc codes, true, if other people want to how to apa cite websites, read and enjoy the nmc codes, dribble then fair enough but as you say, this is for me and its real therapy. X. I am inspired to write a book about my daughter Meghan that was born still three years ago. I want to aa meeting, write her story, our story to other families that have been touched by the same tragedy as ours. I want to be able to support them during their journey, I want to share with them some of things I learned during our journey and mainly I want to nmc codes, inspire them. I have read many posts on group Facebook pages that anger me, that bring me inconsolable tears, so many families hurt and do not have the support and greek vs roman, encouragement they need after losing their baby(s). I want to put a smile on their face, even if only for a brief second and let them know that when they are ready, my book may be able to help them through their journey. Nmc Codes? I would like to include, websites, photographers, city information all of these things and many more are information I searched for over the years to by Flannery O'Connor, help us find people to share our story with, photographers who volunteer their services to retouch your baby’s photo(s) free of charge, municipal information about tree dedications, still birth certificates, balloon release and nmc codes, so forth. Greek Vs Roman? I am a stay a home mother of four, three are living an keep me very busy, yet I believe that I can do this. Hi Kathy.

Your story is nmc codes, a tough one, and it’s inspiring to hear you want to help other people in similiar situations. Words A Nurse? I’d recommend reading this post: Is Your Book Idea Good? It will help you clarify why you really want to write a book and nmc codes, if it’s the best way to help other people. Words To Describe? Good luck. Thank you Scott. I’m ready to tell my story, any pointers. I read your story. Nmc Codes? I am so very sorry for your loss. Dear God I cannot imagine the heartache. I wanted to tell you I feel very strong about you writing a book regarding your loss.

I know many women men and families can relate. I too had a pregnancy that was a tragic loss of twins. I wish you the best good luck with your book! God Bless. Fort Myers, Florida. Wow! Just this alone has inspired me. By Flannery O'Connor? I am a stay home mother of two step mom of two who live outside our home and pregnant now. I really do aspire to write I just don’t know where or how to begin. A book that inspires women is nmc codes, my goal.

Thanks for aa meeting this piece! I don’t want to be rich! I love reading now that I am 56! Yes that old. I want to nmc codes, write a book like I would develop a website. Unique and fun, I want it to be a book you can’t put down. Here I sit at a computer all day and decided today to investigate how to on Revelation,, write a book. LOL.

Completely shamefaced reading every line above. Unfortunately I stand “guilty as accused” of all the underlying excuses that make for nothing more than a clearly lazy dreamer. Nmc Codes? I richly deserve the rap on the knuckles that you have so intuitively and adroitly brought down upon me and my ilk. To Describe? However as a teacher I know that it is sometimes far more effective in achieving its objective than positive and enhancing encouragement!! I hope to nmc codes, redeem myself shortly and Essay by Flannery, without cutting any more corners. And thank you ! Sonia, I can imagine you writing a very entertaining book about how to nmc codes, not write a book. Words A Nurse? A book about the procrastinations, distractions and nmc codes, excuses we create for ourselves. You seem very outgoing and adventurous so maybe you would consider writing to famous authors and asking what roadblocks they create that occasionally impedes their progress. Essay By Flannery? (. ) Very nice and inspiration.

For two years straight I’ve been into reading on nmc codes a daily basis. Dynamic System Development? It’s become a Hobby. I enjoy it. My dream is to write my own book. I actually been working on it daily. Just writing my story. I’m very serious, an nmc codes, dedicated about doing it. Apa Cite Websites? I hasn’t put anything together yet of to nmc codes, how I’m going to get my story out there yet. Greek Vs Roman? I really want to, I’m not asking or looking for nmc codes nobody to pay any fees for me I can manage my own business. I’m looking for some one who can show me the way to getting my story out there.

An hopefully it profits from it. But mainly, the experience I went through and still going through. An my daughter, my God”. I really think she deserves this. Tiffany, you sound very brave and confident. Aa Meeting Experience? I want to nmc codes, read your book and feel inspired by you and on Revelation,, your story. I’ve never write before ….but being a stay at nmc codes home mom am really thinking about facts about, it.

Nickey, please begin by writing about all the free time you have to write since you became a “Stay At Home Mom”, OK ? Loved your insight that the better book between the two required more work. It’s so true that you can have do all the reading and have all the strategies, but execution and hard work are the two ingredients for nmc codes a quality book. Some people have the talent to write, some don’t; pick an aa meeting, author and I can guarantee you they were always good at nmc codes telling stories. They didn’t have to greek vs roman, work at it, it just came natural. Nmc Codes? I know from experience this is experience, true. I didn’t know any writers, but I played baseball my whole life and the guys who ended up going pro nmc codes, were just better than the rest of greek vs roman, us, they didn’t work at it, they just did it. Yeah, they maybe went and practiced, but no harder than anyone else, in fact many of the ones I knew, it came so easy that they worked less than the rest of us. I just think people need to be honest with themselves and quit believing that they can be anything with enough hard work, it’s just not reality. I absolutely agree that not everyone has the talent to write ‘amazing’ books, however, I do believe that everyone has a story to nmc codes, tell and websites, writing is nmc codes, a healthy expression of apa cite, working through our own experiences and processing them. For example, singing…singing is nmc codes, very good for the lungs, it works your lungs and has other benefits for the body.

But is everyone going to how to apa cite, be singing on the radio? Of course not. But should everyone sing every day? Yes. I don’t think anyone should worry about nmc codes, whether or not they are ‘good’ enough to write, everyone should just write. It’s good for the heart, it’s good for the soul. It’s good for the mind. History is littered with many artists who did not get recognized for their brilliance during their lifetime, so being rejected doesn’t necessarily mean someone is a ‘bad’ writer either. Maybe they’re just not meant to be recognized in greek vs roman their lifetime. So no one should be worrying about nmc codes, whether or not they (or anyone else) is apa cite, ‘good’ enough to write–just keep writing :)

Tara… Very positive about nmc codes, your views. How To Apa Cite? The book should be written for our own benefit happiness. Fame Success are secondary issues. Planning to write … hmmm start a book myself .. Kudos for being motivating. .thnx.

I agree completely–fame/recogniztion/mass approval and success should *always* be secondary motivations, because they are out of our control– Write for love…write for the heart, write for nmc codes the soul :) I am writing only in the hope that it will make me “famous and experience, wealthy”, but I am neither guilty nor sad about it. There is nothing wrong with it; in fact, it motivates me such that nothing puts me off. Hundreds of millions have failed before me at what I am doing, but I will succeed. I really needed this.

Thank you so much for the book writing advices. Now, I m confident enough to write a book and get it published. Thank you so much! Elliot’s got the right approach, I like the challenge in it! And so many of nmc codes, you are on track with the idea that you just need to write and to system method, work at it, but Elliot’s point that it’s a draft and you can edit it once it’s written is key – I like to see myself as a good re-writer. Hi Scott, I’m a 10th grader and I need to directly interview a writer for one of my projects so I was wondering if I could interview you because I think you’re just the writer I need for this interview. Nmc Codes? I would really appreciate it if you could reply. Writing a book: very simple. My 13 year old son has already written one book (30,000 words in length), and is half way through his second book (he’s now at 20,000 words). Watching him do it, I’ve really learned the power of keeping it simple: He writes 200 words a day.

That’s it. He doesn’t pages and pages, he doesn’t wait until he’s inspired, he writes a little bit every day… It’s amazing how fast time goes by, in system a blink you’ll have a book. It doesn’t have to be brilliant, it doesn’t have to nmc codes, be good, A little bit every day will help you build a book that in greek vs roman the end is yours :) A writing coach can help. There’s a couple of great ones at Check it out.

Actually, when I ask that question, I simply want to know your routine. A.m. Nmc Codes? or p.m.? With a pen and pencil or a typewriter or laptop? Do you disable all of your technology devices? How many hours do you write at a time? Do you sit in a chair or lay on your bed?

Etc. I have specific reasons for my questions, believe me. Lol. Why do people who write articles likes these always use the scare tactic of a person not being able to make a living as a writer? Is everyone blind? I say that because millions of people makes great money writing. Apa Cite Websites? A lot of these “helpful posts” are founded on personal experience. YOU find it difficult to break bank as a writer, but I can name people who I know, personally, that are rich off of there writing. Of course it took hard work, but misleading words like “don’t expect to get rich off your writing,” or “don’t expect to nmc codes, make a lot of money writing” pisses me off… (smh)

The question isn’t whether some writers do well financially, of course there are some. The question is what percentage of all writers? This would be a better way for a new writer to set their expectations, wouldn’t you agree? “Overall, the median writing-related income among respondents dropped from $10,500 in 2009 to $8,000 2014 in Essay 2014, a decline of 24%. Nmc Codes? The decline came for both full-time and part-time authors with full-time authors reporting a 30% drop in income to dynamic system method, $17,500 and part-time authors seeing a 38% decrease, to $4,500.” I’d love to nmc codes, see other sources of data if you know of any. Thank you very much for you honest article :) Most people do not get rich by writing books, as most people do not become movie stars :) just some :)

Such a dope post! No nonsense and straight to the point. Thank you for this. I’m writing my first book and i’ve already got the question “how do you write a book?” And my answer has become, just write one. I then give them my method of how I’m doing it and like you said I just get to work! “So many questions, so few answers” Thank u for this mini guide, very informative)

After your advices, there will be several brand new books from readers ^.^ Great tips to use in my next book! […] full of imagery and take the reader on O'Connor a journey, is work.That is correct, fact number one is that writing is work.Many would-be authors don’t always realize this when they imagine themselves as a successful […] […] and nmc codes, getting started is dynamic system development method, simple, fun and it costs you nothing to give it a try. The fact is that writing is work, but designing and self-publishing can be […] What book would you recommend to a person who will die in 24 hours and nmc codes, why? I will give a Blank Book. ? ? ? ? ? So that he can write something that he always wanted to blake, tell but he could not due to various reasons. I have seen many people suggesting some books, but that does’nt matter if he died reading that book or without re… […] 14. Become a writer/ Write a book […] Scott Berkun is the author of nmc codes, five popular books on creativity, leadership, philosophy and speaking. You can hire him to speak, ask him a question or follow him on apa cite websites Twitter and Facebook.

Subscribe for free chapters of his bestselling books. Sign up now to nmc codes, get free chapters from to describe, all of his bestselling books, plus monthly news of his best new posts. Join over 19,000 fellow subscribers. Privacy policy enforced by nmc codes, my Rotweiller. Welcome to on Revelation, by Flannery, the best blog you’ve ever seen at nmc codes this URL: here are 7 reasons you’ll want to come back. Instant delight awaits in how to trying one of Berkun’s best posts of all space and time. Dare Berkun to answer a question on nmc codes any topic, and vote on which one he answers this week. You'll find a lot to steal from aa meeting experience, this short, inspiring guide to being creative. Made me want to get up and make stuff! - Austin Kleon, author of How To Steal Like An Artist. “Thought-provoking read, and highly recommended…” – Thomas Duff.

The Year Without Pants: #038; the nmc codes, Future of Work. “If you want to think differently about entrepreneurship, management, or life in general, read this book.” — Tim Ferriss. Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds. “The ideas contained in the essays are persuasive and it’s a fun, well focused read. ” — Simon Moore. Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management. “Highly recommended for on Revelation, O'Connor CEOs, project managers, and hackers alike.” — Matt Mullenweg, Founder “Berkun sets us free to try and change the nmc codes, world.” — Guy Kawasaki.

“Berkun tells it like it is… you’ll gain insights to take your skills to the next level.” — Tony Hsieh, CEO Scott Berkun is the author of six popular books on experience creativity, leadership, philosophy and nmc codes, speaking. These organizations have written about his work or invited him to speak to them:

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The Code for nurses and midwives - NMC

A MiddleWeb Classic: Exploring Rubrics! A little history: This article first appeared on the MiddleWeb site (with permission from the author) in 1997, in the early years of rubrics in nmc codes, the classroom. In 1999, Heidi Andrade provided several additional rubrics which were added to this post. More than 15 years after this material first appeared at aa meeting, MiddleWeb and long after its original link was functional, it continues to be one of the most sought-after MiddleWeb resources. For that reason, we#8217;ve reposted it here and nmc codes redirected the original link to this new page. Apa Cite? At the end of this post, we#8217;ve also included links to nmc codes, several rubrics associated with inference, independent writing, and literary conversation. Please note that the portion of aa meeting experience this post which was published at Educational Leadership can also be accessed at the ASCD site (4/20/14). Also see her Educational Leadership article (February 2000), #8220;Using Rubrics to Promote Thinking Learning#8221; for suggestions on designing instructional rubrics. Nmc Codes? Today, Dr.

Andrade is an education associate dean at the University of Albany (SUNY) and continues to be a leader in the field of words a nurse formative/classsroom assessment and rubrics. In a more recent Educational Leadership article (January 2008), she emphasizes that #8220;Rubrics can be a powerful self-assessment tool—if teachers disconnect them from grades and nmc codes give students time and support to revise their work.#8221; For more contemporary resources, including Common Core perspectives, be sure to visit our MiddleWeb resource roundup: All About Rubrics. originally published in Educational Leadership, 54(4) © Heidi Goodrich 1996. Every time I introduce rubrics to facts about blake, a group of teachers the reaction is the same instant appeal (#8220;Yes, this is what I need!#8221;) followed closely by panic (#8220;Good grief, how can I be expected to develop a rubric for everything?#8221;). When you learn what rubrics doand whyyou can create and use them to nmc codes, support and aa meeting experience assess student learning without losing your sanity. Nmc Codes? A rubric is a scoring tool that lists the words criteria for a piece of work, or #8220;what counts#8221; (for example, purpose, organization, details, voice, and nmc codes mechanics are often what count in a piece of writing); it also articulates gradations of quality for each criterion, from excellent to poor. The term defies a dictionary definition, but it seems to greek vs roman, have established itself, so I continue to nmc codes, use it. The example in Figure 1 (adapted from Perkins et al 1994) lists the criteria and gradations of quality for verbal, written, or graphic reports on Essay on Revelation, by Flannery, student inventions for instance, inventions designed to ease the Westward journey for 19th century pioneers for instance, or to solve a local environmental problem, or to represent an imaginary culture and nmc codes its inhabitants, or anything else students might invent. Words? This rubric lists the criteria in the column on the left: The report must explain (1) the purposes of the invention, (2) the features or parts of the invention and how they help it serve its purposes, (3) the pros and cons of the design, and (4) how the design connects to other things past, present, and future.

The rubric could easily include criteria related to presentation style and effectiveness, the mechanics of nmc codes written pieces, and the quality of the invention itself. The four columns to the right of the criteria describe varying degrees of quality, from excellent to O'Connor, poor. As concisely as possible, these columns explain what makes a good piece of work good and a bad one bad. Rubrics appeal to teachers and students for many reasons. First, they are powerful tools for both teaching and assessment.

Rubrics can improve student performance, as well as monitor it, by making teachers#8217; expectations clear and by showing students how to meet these expectations. The result is often marked improvements in the quality of student work and in learning. Thus, the most common argument for using rubrics is they help define #8220;quality.#8221; One student actually didn#8217;t like rubrics for this very reason: #8220;If you get something wrong,#8221; she said, #8220;your teacher can prove you knew what you were supposed to do!#8221; (Marcus 1995). Nmc Codes? A second reason that rubrics are useful is Essay on Revelation, O'Connor, that they help students become more thoughtful judges of the quality of their own and others#8217; work. When rubrics are used to guide self- and peer-assessment, students become increasingly able to spot and solve problems in their own and one another#8217;s work.

Repeated practice with peer-assessment, and especially self-assessment, increases students#8217; sense of responsibility for their own work and cuts down on the number of #8220;Am I done yet?#8221; questions. Third, rubrics reduce the amount of time teachers spend evaluating student work. Teachers tend to find that by the time a piece has been self- and peer-assessed according to nmc codes, a rubric, they have little left to say about it. When they do have something to say, they can often simply circle an item in the rubric, rather than struggling to explain the flaw or strength they have noticed and figuring out what to suggest in terms of improvements. Rubrics provide students with more informative feedback about their strengths and areas in system, need of improvement. Fourth, teachers appreciate rubrics because their #8220;accordion#8221; nature allows them to accommodate heterogeneous classes. Nmc Codes? The examples here have three or four gradations of quality, but there is no reason they can#8217;t be #8220;stretched#8221; to on Revelation, O'Connor, reflect the nmc codes work of both gifted students and those with learning disabilities. Facts? Finally, rubrics are easy to nmc codes, use and to explain.

Christine Hall, a fourth grade teacher, reflected on aa meeting experience, how both students and parents responded to her use of nmc codes rubrics: Students were able to articulate what they had learned, and by to describe a nurse, the end of the nmc codes year could be accurate with their evaluations. Parents were very excited about the on Revelation, O'Connor use of rubrics. During parent conferences I used sample rubrics to explain to parents their purpose, and nmc codes how they were used in class. The reaction of parents was very encouraging. They knew exactly what their child needed to do to about william, be successful. Nmc Codes? How Do You Create Rubrics? Rubrics are becoming increasingly popular with educators moving toward more authentic, performance- based assessments. Recent publications contain some rubrics (Brewer 1996; Marzano et al 1993). Chances are, however, that you will have to develop a few of your own rubrics to reflect your own curriculum and teaching style.

To boost the on Revelation, by Flannery learning leverage of rubrics, the rubric design process should engage students in the following steps: 1. Look at models: Show students examples of nmc codes good and not-so-good work. Identify the aa meeting experience characteristics that make the good ones good and the bad ones bad. 2. List criteria: Use the discussion of models to begin a list of what counts in quality work. 3. Articulate gradations of quality: Describe the best and worst levels of quality, then fill in the middle levels based on your knowledge of nmc codes common problems and the discussion of not-so-good work. 4. Practice on models: Have students use the rubrics to evaluate the models you gave them in Step 1. Words? 5. Use self- and nmc codes peer-assessment: Give students their assignment. Facts William? As they work, stop them occasionally for self- and peer-assessment. 6. Revise: Always give students time to revise their work based on nmc codes, the feedback they get in Step 5. 7. Essay On Revelation, O'Connor? Use teacher assessment: Use the same rubric students used to assess their work yourself. Step 1 may be necessary only when you are asking students to engage in a task with which they are unfamiliar.

Steps 3 and 4 are useful but time-consuming; you can do these on your own, especially when you#8217;ve been using rubrics for a while. A class experienced in rubric-based assessment can streamline the process so that it begins with listing criteria, after which the teacher writes out the gradations of quality, checks them with the students, makes revisions, then uses the rubric for self-, peer-, and teacher assessment. Ann Tanona, a second grade teacher, went through the seven-step process with her students. The result was a rubric for assessing videotaped Reading Rainbow -style #8220;book talks#8221; (fig. 2). Tips on designing rubrics. Ann#8217;s rubric is powerful because it articulates the characteristics of a good #8220;book talk#8221; in nmc codes, students#8217; own words. It also demonstrates some of the difficulties of designing a good rubric. Perhaps the dynamic system development method most common challenge is avoiding unclear language, such as #8220;creative beginning.#8221; If a rubric is to teach as well as evaluate, terms like these must be defined for students.

Admittedly, creative is a difficult word to nmc codes, define. Words To Describe A Nurse? Ann handled this problem by nmc codes, having a discussion of what the term #8220;creative beginning#8221; meant in the book talks. Patricia Crosby and Pamela Heinz, both seventh grade teachers, solved the words to describe a nurse same problem in a rubric for oral presentations by actually listing ways in which students could meet the criterion (fig. Nmc Codes? 3). This approach provides valuable information to aa meeting experience, students on how to begin a talk and avoids the need to define elusive terms like creative.

A second challenge in rubric design is avoiding unnecessarily negative language. Nmc Codes? The excerpt from the rubric in Figure 3 avoids words like boring by describing what was done during a so-so beginning to a talk and implicitly comparing it with the highest level of quality. Thus, students know exactly what they did wrong and dynamic system how they can do better next time, not just that the opening to their talk was boring. Articulating gradations of nmc codes quality is often a challenge. It helps if you spend a lot of time thinking about criteria and how best to chunk them before going on to define the levels of quality. Aa Meeting? You might also try a clever technique I have borrowed from a fifth grade teacher in Gloucester, Massachusetts. She describes gradations of nmc codes quality as: #8220;Yes,#8221; #8220;Yes but,#8221; #8220;No but,#8221; and method #8220;No.#8221; For example, Figure 4 shows part of a rubric for evaluating a scrapbook that documents a story.

This approach tends to work well, as long as you aren#8217;t too rigid about it. Rigidity can have amusing results: One student wrote out the lowest level of quality for the criterion, #8220;Is it anachronism free?#8221; this way: #8220;No, I did not remember to not use anachronism#8221;! What to Do Once You#8217;ve Created Rubrics. Creating rubrics is the hard part using them is relatively easy. Once you#8217;ve created a rubric, give copies to students and ask them to assess their own progress on a task or project. Their assessments should not count toward a grade. The point is for the rubric to help students learn more and produce better final products, so including self-assessments in grades is nmc codes, unnecessary and can compromise students#8217; honesty. Always give students time to words, revise their work after assessing themselves, then have them assess one another#8217;s work.

Peer-assessment takes some getting used to. Emphasize the nmc codes fact that peer-assessment, like self-assessment, is words a nurse, intended to help everyone do better work. You may also need to hold students accountable for their assessments of a classmate#8217;s work by nmc codes, having them sign off on the rubric they use. Facts Blake? You can then see how fair and accurate their feedback is, and you can ask for evidence that supports their opinions when their assess-ments don#8217;t match yours. Again, giving time for revision after peer-assessment is crucial.

Parents can use rubrics to help their children with their homework. Finally, when you assess student work, use the same rubric that was used for self- and peer-assessment. When you hand the marked rubric back with the students#8217; work, they#8217;ll know what they did well and what they need to work on in the future. Grading (if you must) is also relatively easy with rubrics. Nmc Codes? A piece of work that reflects the highest level of quality for each criterion obviously deserves an A, one that consistently falls in dynamic system development method, the lowest level is a D or F, and so on. Because one piece of work rarely falls in nmc codes, only one level of aa meeting quality, many teachers average out the levels of quality, either formally or informally. Nmc Codes? Rubrics can also be included in portfolios. However you use them, the idea is to support and to evaluate student learning. Students, as well as teachers, should respond to the use of how to websites rubrics by thinking, #8220;Yes, this is what I need!#8221; • Brewer, R. (1996).

Exemplars: A Teacher#8217;s Solution . Underhill, VT: Exemplars. • Marcus, J. (1995). #8220;Data on the Impact of Alternative Assessment on Students.#8221; Unpublished manuscript. The Education Cooperative, Wellesley, MA. • Marzano, R., D. Pickering, and J. McTighe (1993). Assessing Student Outcomes: Performance Assessment Using the Dimensions of Learning Model. Alexandria, VA: ASCD. Nmc Codes? • Perkins, D., H. Goodrich, S. Tishman, and J. Mirman Owen (1994). Thinking Connections: Learning to Think and Thinking to Learn . Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. from Heidi Goodrich Andrade. Dynamic Development? (See download links at end of large rubrics) Persuasive Essay Prompt and Rubric The State of California has a law that all students must be educated until they are 16 years old. This law passed after some debate. Some people thought it was a good law, some didn#8217;t. Put yourself in these lawmakers#8217; shoes and argue either for or against this law.

In a 5-paragraph essay, be sure to: #8212; form an opinion on this issue and support it with strong arguments and relevant information. #8212; use your knowledge of democracy to explain how having or not having such a law would affect a democratic society like ours. A more generic version of the rubric above appears in this EL article. Nmc Codes? Autobiographical Event Essay Prompt and Rubric Write about an event in your life that taught you something or made you grow as a person. By Flannery O'Connor? Tell the story in nmc codes, a way that will let your readers enter into it and understand what it meant to you. RUBRIC FOR AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL EVENT ESSAY. Greek Vs Roman? More Classic Resources about Rubrics. from Earlier Versions of the MiddleWeb Site. Here are some other popular materials about rubrics salvaged from our archives. Nmc Codes? These rubrics resources are not connected to the work of Heidi Andrade. Apa Cite Websites? Most were contributed by teachers. MiddleWeb is all about the middle grades, with great 4-8 resources, book reviews, and guest posts by educators who support the success of young adolescents.

And be sure to subscribe to MiddleWeb SmartBrief for the latest middle grades news commentary from around the USA.

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The Code for nurses and midwives - NMC

Common App Prompt 4: When Your Problem is a Good Thing! How to Answer Prompt 4 for the Common App. for your College Application Essay. Prompt 4: Describe a problem you’ve solved or a problem you’d like to solve. It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma—anything that is of personal importance, no matter the scale . Explain its significance to you and nmc codes, what steps you took or could be taken to identify a solution. You almost can’t go wrong if you pick this prompt to write your college application essay for The Common Application. It sets you up perfectly to Essay on Revelation, O'Connor tell an nmc codes, engaging story, which makes the best personal statement-style essays. If you read through the system method, lines, this prompt breaks down to a simple formula: Find a problem you faced or are still facing, share what you have done to deal with it, and then go on to explain what you learned in the process and nmc codes, why it mattered.

That’s it! This might be the only time in your life that you’re happy you had problems. The authors of this prompt try to help you by greek vs roman, offering some type of sample problems you could write about: an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma. Nmc Codes? But these are just some suggestions. Their main point is that your problem can be “ anything ” that mattered to you. HINT : It’s not necessary, but if your problem (or the personal quality you used to deal with it) relates to about one of your current and nmc codes, future academic interests, that could make your essay more relevant and effective to college admissions officers. Also, when they say, “ no matter the words to describe, scale, ” the message is that this problem can be big or small. In other words, it doesn’t have to have been a catastrophic life event. Nmc Codes? But if you did face a crisis in your life, this could make an development method, excellent essay, too.

You get to pick. The beauty of this prompt is nmc codes that if you write about a problem, you almost can’t help include some type of story. Think back to about English class. Nmc Codes? Remember the two things you need to make a story? A character and a conflict. In these essays, since you write about yourself, you are the “character.” And the “conflict” is the problem you faced or are facing. Remember that conflicts (problems) can come from many different places–from within yourself (internal: you have a personal issue or hang-up that caused you pain or trouble) to outside yourself (external: something bad happened to you.) To put it simply, a conflict is how to websites just another word for nmc codes, a problem. Problems come in all forms. They do not need to be traumas or a crises, although those can work, too. (HINT: Basic, everyday problems work best!

Check out this post about “mundane” topics.) Here are other words for a conflict or problem: challenge, failure, obstacle, mistake, hang-up, issue, a change, dilemma, fears, obsessions, accident, a deficiency, etc. Some variations of problems: you are shy, competitive, stubborn, were bullied, are obsessed with Twilight, didn’t make the team, got injured, have big feet, frizzy red hair, smile too much, someone quit at your work, don’t have own car, can’t spell, adhd, ocd, don’t eat meat, perfectionist, slob, lazy, drunk driving, have a mean grandparent, no money, etc… Man, there are a lot of problems out there! But for the purposes of writing these dreaded essays, that’s a good thing for by Flannery, once! (If you want help making sure your problem was or is “significant” to you, start by Finding Your Defining Qualities.) Once you remember a juicy problem, follow these steps to share it in nmc codes, a narrative (storytelling) essay format: 1. Describe the william, time you had a problem or describe a specific example of your problem. Include what happened and how it made you feel. Try to nmc codes start at to describe a nurse the moment it hit, or happened for the best impact.

Include the 5Ws–who, what, when, where and why! Stick to one or two paragraphs. Include a snippet of dialogue. These mini-stories from real life are also called anecdotes, and you can learn more by nmc codes, reading my post on how to facts about william write an anecdote . 2. Background the nmc codes, history of this problem (when did it start, why/how did it happen or get this way.) Give it some context. “It all started back when…” 3. Talk about aa meeting experience how you dealt with that problem.

What you did about nmc codes it. Describe the steps you took to handle it. 4. VERY IMPORTANT: Analyze and reflect on that problem, and your response. How did you think about it? How did you feel? Did handling it change you in O'Connor, any way or how you think about things? Share your thoughts on the good and nmc codes, the bad. This is how and where you can “ explain its (the problem’s) significance to method you .”

5. What did you learn from dealing with that problem–about yourself, others or life in nmc codes, general ? Anything good come out of it? Did you develop or demonstrate a core quality–determination, problem-solving, creativity, passion, patience, respect…–in the process? Talk about that. This is your chance to develop more “ its significance to you” in greek vs roman, your essay. 6. To wrap it up, update the reader on nmc codes the current status of that initial problem you shared in the introduction. You don’t necessarily have had to solve it. Facts About? Just explain briefly how things are going for you now, today. You could also give examples of how you have applied the life lesson(s) you learned in nmc codes, other parts of your life. 7. End by projecting into words to describe, your future.

Go ahead and nmc codes, share your goals and facts about william blake, dreams as they relate to nmc codes what you have learned about how to apa cite yourself. If you can think of one, end with a “kicker,” which is nmc codes a memorable last line that can show that you are witty, funny, passionate or don’t take yourself too seriously. This is just a sample outline for a classic narrative-style essay to help you get started. You don’t need to to describe stick to every step, and feel free to take your essay in whatever direction you want. Just remember that the point is to reveal how you think, what you care about and how your learn. It’s called your “intellectual vitality,” and nmc codes, colleges love to see it in all shapes and sizes. Check out this sample narrative essay. Can you tell what his “problem” was, and the steps he took to deal with it, and what he learned?

Good luck with your own problems. This may be the only time in apa cite, your life that you are glad to have them! ; ) In case you don’t have them all, here are all five prompts for nmc codes, The Common Application for 2015-16: Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story. The lessons we take from failure can be fundamental to later success. Recount an to describe a nurse, incident or time when you experienced failure.

How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience? Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea. What prompted you to act? Would you make the same decision again? Describe a problem you’ve solved or a problem you’d like to solve.

It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an nmc codes, ethical dilemma-anything that is of personal importance, no matter the scale. Explain its significance to you and what steps you took or could be taken to identify a solution. Facts About William Blake? Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to nmc codes adulthood within your culture, community, or family. NOTE: Please ignore the comments at the bottom before April 1, 2015, since they were in words to describe a nurse, response to an old prompt 4 which has been replaced with the current one. Comments posted after this date will be relevant.

Thanks! I was just reading and enjoying your series on writing the 2013 Common App essay. Nmc Codes? I agree with you – bliss can be boring! But I’m also wondering if you’re having the aa meeting experience, same experience that I am – that this topic is proving to be popular, and in nmc codes, a good way. For instance, one student is writing about a family retreat in system development method, the wilds of nmc codes, Maine, so the essay is really about the meaning of family. Another is Essay writing about her room, which is nmc codes so familiar to her that it actually provides no distraction at all – and that’s where she’s able to concentrate on her artwork. Of course, it’s all about finding the meaning, but this is Essay turning out to be a category with interesting responses! Take care, and enjoy your students! Sharon. Do you think it is ok if I mention how I sometimes use the nmc codes, place of contentment as a means of temporarily escaping from a nurse, a hectic life?

The world outside my place will probably take up space in my essay. Do you think the readers might take the nmc codes, fact that I sort of use this place to temporarily get away from things badly? Or not like that it doesn’t relate to friends, or family, or faith, or extracurriculars and think I am antisocial? Or will it be fine? Hi Max, I think it’s totally normal and expected that we all sometimes need a place to get away from it all. I would not let that concern you that people might think you are antisocial because you seek a refuge. However, make sure to system development read this post since I warn about how a place where you find peace and bliss could be boring to read about. Look for nmc codes, something unexpected about your place of contentment in order to write an engaging essay.

Good luck! JR. Hi Janine–I have been planning out an essay on this topic about greek vs roman my sister and how whenever I’m with her, I feel “perfectly content.” Do you think I should follow option C by tightening it to a specific moment? Is writing about nmc codes my sister too predictable? I think it could work, but yes, I think you should give your essay some vitality and aa meeting, interest by starting with an example/moment of why you are content with her. It can’t just be about nmc codes how well you get along, have the same interests, etc.

That is all really a nice thing, but it could just be too dull to read about. I would try to find some unusual reasons that you like about her–maybe she challenges you in certain ways, or maybe she knows you so well (an example of this?) that she helps you learn some of the more difficult things in life. Could be good–but will need something unique to make the essay strong, I believe. Good luck! JR. For me, I’m writing about an entire city that I once lived in when I was younger and how the facts about william blake, childhood memories have really influenced who I am.

I didn’t want to really tie it into something really specific because I wanted to nmc codes emphasize how being immersed in the culture is what makes me “perfectly content” in it. Do you have any advice for this? Thank you! Hi Lynden, If you are talking about something as large as a city, the best way to describe it and help us understand the greek vs roman, culture there is to provide sensory details–what it looked like, what you heard, smelled, etc. Also, you can include how it made you feel. Nmc Codes? I would also consider giving this essay focus and Essay by Flannery, life by sharing something that happened in that city that relates to nmc codes its unique culture. Good luck! JR. I have been planning to dynamic system development answer this prompt with an essay about how chemistry labs changed from the most stressful part of my week to nmc codes my only Essay on Revelation, by Flannery O'Connor, refuge from stress by the end of junior year. Is this too impersonal/predictable?

No, I think it could be a great essay. My advice would be to nmc codes start by showing us (set the scene, use details, tell us how you felt…) why it was stressful at facts first (this will be “the problem”), and nmc codes, then go onto to show how it changed (into a refuge for facts, you), why it changed (your attitude, your point of view, other factors?), and what you learned from that. One other piece of advice for you and anyone working on these new Common App prompts. You do not necessarily need to say “perfectly content” anywhere in your essay, since you will have checked the nmc codes, box that will make clear which question you are addressing. I actually think “perfectly content” is greek vs roman a very awkward expression and not one most people would ever use in nmc codes, everyday conversation. I would think of some other words that express the same thing, or a more focused version of system development method, it. You used refuge, which is great. Other ways to nmc codes express perfectly content: contented, satisfaction, gratification, fulfillment, happiness, pleasure, cheerfulness; ease, comfort, well-being, peace, equanimity, serenity, tranquility. Hope this helps.

JR. I found your article very helpful! I am writing my essay on how I am perfectly content when I am at concerts/music festivals. How To? I am using the 2013 Beale St. Music festival as my anecdote.

I’m thinking of nmc codes, also bringing in with that anecdote how Beale St was where I realized that that’s where I am content. I am going to take it deeper than just me liking concerts for the great live music. Do you think this idea as a whole would grab the greek vs roman, attention of those who will read my essay? I’m writing my essay on this topic, and nmc codes, my idea is about william about a journal my best friend and I write to each other in. It’s more of an nmc codes, abstract idea. My best friend and I met freshman year and greek vs roman, became best friends after she wrote me a note about nmc codes a problem she was having. We started a journal/book that we would pass back and forth, and write things to aa meeting experience each other. Almost everyone in nmc codes, our grade knows about it and it’s become sort of greek vs roman, a trademark of our friendship. Its a place that makes me feel perfectly content because I can write whatever I want and I know I’ll get a reply from my friend. Nmc Codes? Would writing about ‘The Book’ be a good topic? Terrific topic!

Share your story about “The Book”–maybe how it helped you handle certain problems, and how it started, and what you learned in the process–you should have an excellent essay! I LOVE this idea! Maybe start with the first time you received note in the journal, or first time it was passed between you (assumedly sparked by some type of problem), and then give back story of “the book,” and then go from there. Would love to read this when you are done! JR. Out of the fours prompts, my first impulse was to go with this one. The place of content that I will be describing is not a physical place. Greek Vs Roman? In fact, it is a zone that I get into nmc codes, when I am writing.

However, I am worried about Essay O'Connor how to approach this essay from the nmc codes, standpoint of “my writing zone” where I block the world out and I get to focus on characters and alternate universes that I have created. How would you suggest that I approach this essay and is this topic substantial and interesting enough to how to make a strong essay? Your advice would be appreciated tremendously! PS. I am debating on talking about how I discovered my passion to write when I was in nmc codes, elementary school by winning a writing contest. Hopes this helps! I like the idea of writing about your writing “zone” as a place where you are perfectly content. The challenge is to make it interesting to read.

I would explore what sends you into the zone, why do you want/need to go there (some type of facts william, problem?)–describe that, then go on nmc codes to talk about how you discovered how writing helps you handle it, what you learned, etc. The “problem” will give your essay more energy and Essay on Revelation, by Flannery, interest. JR. Hi! I was hoping to write my personal statement on this prompt with two different places (basically centered around my upbringing with divorced parents) and using compare/contrast strategies to nmc codes lead into personal qualities. Do you think using a very dark, personal anecdote would be effective as a hook or do I run too much of a risk of it looking like I’m simply using it as a means to system development method an end? Also if you have any notes or suggestions on nmc codes my overall strategy it would be much appreciated. #128578; I think that as long as you stick with the truth, and convey your story in a direct, thoughtful manner, you should be fine. Dark is okay, as long as the reason you share it is to then show how you wrestled with it, tried to handle or resolve related issue, and aa meeting, how this process affected you, changed you or taught you things about yourself and nmc codes, the world. After you write the dark anecdote, you might want to share it with someone whose opinion you trust to make sense the tone is experience right.

Good luck! JR. Hi, I’m writing on nmc codes this prompt and my idea is writing about how I’m perfectly content in books. Greek Vs Roman? I’ve always been a reader since I was little but I never got this feeling of bliss till my younger sister died and nmc codes, things in my life started falling apart. So I was thinking about aa meeting experience writing about how I came to nmc codes feel like this when I read books (like when my sister died and how I turned to reading) and by Flannery, why I feel content when I read books. (any kind of nmc codes, books really) I think you have a very powerful topic and words to describe a nurse, I think you should write about nmc codes it. Show us how reading was a refuge for you, and try to explore why you think they help you.

So sorry about to describe a nurse your sister. That must be so hard for you. If you find it too hard to write about, pick a different topic. But if you can write about it, it might help you work through your feelings and grief. Best of nmc codes, luck! JR. Although many seem to consider this essay prompt boring I immediately interpreted the place of contentment as somewhere less typical.As a superhero comic fan I find myself being transported into the pages and into a world where I am free to be myself.

My idea is to use the Marvel Universe and more specifically Professor Xaviers Mansion as my place of contentment. How To Apa Cite? What do you think? Thanks!! Love it! Especially if you focus on the professor, and not just Marvel. Could be a great little essay! JR. Hi! So I was planning on writing my essay about nmc codes two places where I play/share music for an audience.

The first one is at facts about blake my school on the morning announcements, where I play popular mainstream music for the school, and the second one is at the nearby college where I DJ and I play two hours of pretty reclusive music live for two hours a week. Would it be ok to nmc codes talk about the setting and how happy I am at these two places sharing my music even though mainstream and underground music contradict each other? Yes, I like the idea of contrasting the two places you feel content, and explore one makes you content and the other not so much–and it would be really handy if the one that makes you feel content is the Essay on Revelation,, one we would least expect…Good luck! JR. so honestly, the nmc codes, first thing I thought of when I read this prompt was being on experience the beach with my family in nmc codes, the summer. I just fear that it is william way too cliche…how do i make it stand out? Would you want to read an essay about how someone loves being on nmc codes the beach with their family in aa meeting, summer? Maybe if you can think of something that happened there, or why you find the beach so great (something more specific), it could be good. HINT: Think of a time something went wrong at nmc codes the beach. But otherwise, sounds pretty dullsville to me.

Keep thinking! JR. Hi, I was wondering if my place is aa meeting too figurative and if it needs to be more literal. I was thinking of using this prompt to write about how I am most content when I am helping other people by giving them advice. It sounds a bit dull, but I think I have a good start, I just wanted to know if this was to vague or nonspecific. Nmc Codes? What do you think? I think as long as you start with a specific example of how you love giving advice, it will have a focus and grab the reader. Then you can expand upon that idea later. I like your idea!

JR. I went to a boarding school in China from third grade to words to describe 8th grade before I came to nmc codes the U.S. for how to apa cite, high school. It was a comforting environment for me because of the friendships I had and all the strict rules that protect me from bad influences outside of the nmc codes, school. Also, I want to to describe mention about my volunteering experience. This summer, I went back to the school and joined the American volunteers group to teach grammar school students English and American culture. Since there’s a long time span and nmc codes, a lot of information, do you have any suggestions on what information I should mention and how I should approach it? Writing an system development, interesting ps could be hard for me due to my limited English proficiency. What other tips can you give me to nmc codes write a good hook? Thank you so much! Your suggestions will be highly appreciated!

Read my posts about Essay on Revelation, O'Connor Anecdotes, and that should help you get a focused and nmc codes, interesting essay. I believe anecdotes make the to describe, best “hooks” in these essays. JR. Hi! I’m planning an essay about how I am content when I am at the end of a cross country race, sprinting to the finish line.

Is this a good essay idea or should I talk about a specific place or time? You have the right idea, and you could write about nmc codes this, but my advice would be to aa meeting find something else since I’ve seen it done before (several times) and it just not interesting from nmc codes, a reader’s point of view. But if you can find a twist or a new way to express that experience, I would certainly give it a try. William? It’s not so much what you write about nmc codes as what you have to experience say about it. That said, some topics are definitely more inspiring than others. JR. Could this prompt lend itself to nmc codes talking about aa meeting experience how contentment is more of a process than a location? I wanted to speak about the nmc codes, value of experience in enjoying what I love rather than enjoying things in a passive way.

As my anecdote/example, I would use a person’s immersion into jazz and greek vs roman, improvisation as a metaphor for the above ideas. (A person starts as a listener, and nmc codes, then grows to understand chord changes, tonal center, etc. until they pick up an instrument and make music that is method their own) I like it! I like that you interpret “contentment,” and nmc codes, broaden your definition strictly away from a place, and instead a process. Cool! To make sure it’s interesting, start with a specific moment and go from there. If you get too heady and abstract in the beginning, you risk losing your reader. Words To Describe? Good luck!

JR. Hi, I am thinking of writing about being perfectly content when I am driving because every time I drive I see something different and also how driving gives me freedom and power. And then linking that to the career path I want to embark on. Do you think this is a unique idea or should I think of something else? I know someone already asked this question, but do you think if I wrote about being at the beach with my family in a way that described the friendships I built there, the passions I formed, and nmc codes, the memories built around the beach, would that be okay? I would focus on how these things helped mold me into the person I am today. I know its cliche but I really can’t think of much else.

Unless I do it about photography and how I feel content behind the lens of a camera. What one do you think would work better? Hey, I am planning on writing my essay on how I am most content in my own mind. It’s kind of a different stance on the prompt, but I think I can make it work. I’m going to talk about introversion I think and how recharging at the end of the day is a necessity.

Do you think this could work? Hi, my idea for this essay is to say that my bedroom is the place where I am perfectly content. Dynamic System? I’m going to first describe it and then explain that its meaningful to nmc codes me because I don’t always feel at home with my family, but when I enter my room I always feel at by Flannery O'Connor home. I don’t want it to nmc codes sound boring so any advice on how to make it original and really good? I am trying to address this topic from when I am snowboarding but I’m not specifically sure where to go with it. I see it as an how to websites, escape from stress and have many good memories with friends. Nmc Codes? Where should I go with this? Hello! #128578; I am stuck with my essay topics. I am debating whether to write about the art room at greek vs roman my school, because i have a passion for anything art-related, or the library, because i am an avid reader, and reading is nmc codes one of my biggest hobbies.The third option is where I was born, (in Kashmir, India)but I feel as if that is the dynamic system development, most cliche of nmc codes, all. But I can provide anecdotes from my trip to Kashmir last summer, and by Flannery O'Connor, maybe it will show diversity?

I feel like these may be too typical and cliche, but these three topics are really what I want to write on. Please help, I have been stuck for a while now. Nmc Codes? Any additional advice/comment would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much! I write about the rooftop of my grandparents’ house, which is where I feel content. But I focus on what I do there: watching clouds like I did when I was a child.

In my essay I point out that although I’m no longer a child and the adult life is greek vs roman exhausting (in which we often forget the child inside us), only to reach a conclusion that lying on that rooftop looking at nmc codes the sky reminds me that at times we should forget the grownup we are and try to embrace the inner child, or childhood memories, try to feel and see things like a child: carefree, playful, etc. because it makes life a bit more balanced and enjoyable. Does that sound like boring and predictable? Should I change my idea? I’m thinking about greek vs roman writing about being content in an airport since I sincerely enjoy the atmosphere and the excitement of going on nmc codes a journey. Method? I was wondering if this would be a good topic and I’m also having trouble organizing my thoughts/essay. OMG BLISS IS NOT BORING. Even Holden Caulfield said in The Catcher in nmc codes, the Rye: “I like it when somebody gets excited about something.

It’s nice.” This quote is one of the most popular quotes among social media today! I love reading about places and websites, activities and people that make others happy. It’s comforting. But anyways, thank you for the advice. It was definitely helpful. But I still do not agree with you on the warning that you begin with. My main warning is not that bliss is boring in itself, but that it can be boring to read about–especially if nothing happens.

Of course, it depends on the writer’s ability to make it interesting. I want to flag those long, overly descriptive pieces on why someone feels “perfectly content” reading in their bedroom or walking through the forest. Again, it’s possible to find an angle to make these topics interesting, but generally they risk being dull to read. Nmc Codes? If you wrote about words to describe a nurse being “perfectly content” for your essay, I would LOVE to read it! JR. cool essay writing tips.

I have two places in mind related to this topic where i feel perfectly content and I am a bit confused about nmc codes which one to choose. It would be great if you could help me select between the following: 1) A cafe or a some place with a lot of people because I am a socialist and I enjoy company. Not only this, I also enjoy observing various cultures, things etc. 2) I love to be a pat of the facts william blake, gaming world because I believe I am a lot more powerful and have an adventurous task to deal with. Is the nmc codes, first topic to obvious? Please advise! hey so i need to dynamic system development get this essay done soon because im starting my applications as soon as the common app is released (im applying to nmc codes an entry level physician assistant program). so im freaking out a little bit. i already wrote a really long essay about my clinical experiences but im lost when it comes to this common app essay.

For the 4th topic i have this idea: 1) Perfectly content in the OR observing open heart surgery…. is this too specific? My like “unexpected” thing would be that in the middle of my contentment on system development the first day of observation i became very nauseous/dizzy and i started blacking out so i ran out of the operating room during the nmc codes, surgery. To Describe A Nurse? I sat down outside for a few minutes unsure of nmc codes, what was wrong with me but i stood up and walked back into the OR with more confidence than ever. Facts About? after that day i sat through five more open heart surgeries. Nmc Codes? i felt that after that day i could really do anything and that entire week of shadowing inspired me to pursue a career in aa meeting, surgery. Im not sure if this is significant enough to write about? I had another experience while shadowing a cardiologist, i had the same symptoms while in a patients room. i had to nmc codes leave and get air once again but i came back stronger than ever. should i mention both occurrences? does it show too much weakness? Would describing both occurrences make my statement more powerful or too long? Thanks. HI, I really enjoyed this article. I was ordering if you think it would be a good idea to choose mine craft as the place I feel most content.

I would write about how it lets me be creative by creating anything I want and that it allows me to be free. I am writing about greek vs roman how i am content when i am around music, such as at nmc codes a concert or making music. Aa Meeting? I give specific examples such as my experiences when i was in nmc codes, a jazz band. A Nurse? Do you think this would be a good topic to talk about? Thank you very much! Hi.

I was thinking about writing about the meditative state as being the place I’m the most content in. Do you think that’s too abstract as the prompt specifically asks for a place or environment? I think the problem with this prompt is that most places where people are truly “perfectly content” would be meditative on some level, right? As much as it might feel blissful to nmc codes be in that type of state, in general, it’s boring to read about. Check out my post on “Where are you perfectly content” for some idea on aa meeting how to nmc codes tackle it.

I wish you luck! JR. Hi! I was thinking about Essay on Revelation, by Flannery O'Connor writing about my dance studio as the place I’m most content in. I’ve done Indian Classical Dance since the fifth grade and I was going to nmc codes tie in the religious, spiritual, as well as physical aspects of dance and experience, how dancing has helped me get through tough times.

I was going to cite how dancing helped me release my emotions when my family went through a lot of financial stress. Do you think this is too broad? Thank you! I was thinking about nmc codes writing about how I’m content in my room. Aa Meeting Experience? I know it sound pretty basic, but i want to incorporate in there, how it helps me calm down while also listening to music. Its sounds boring i feel. I want to nmc codes write about being in “the zone” on the tennis court.

I was thinking of writing about how playing in tournaments scared me because the expectations were always so high, but then I finally decided to play for Essay on Revelation, by Flannery O'Connor, myself and not others, so then I found comfort on the court. I’m just worried this might not show enough qualities that admissions might be looking for. Do you have any ideas of how I could tailor it to show these qualities? Also I want to start with a movie reference (specifically the scene in nmc codes, the Matrix when the websites, bullets go into slow motion and nmc codes, Neo dodges them) because I want to compare that to what it feels like to be in the zone – is this ok? Can the place I am perfectly content be my imagination? I mean I thought it would be a new idea. hi , I want to write about how im perfectly content in a concert ? is that a good topic? I am a horrible procrastinator and system method, I just started my essay on nmc codes this topic today. I have chosen the aa meeting, space beneath my bed as the nmc codes, place I feel content. Does that sound interesting enough?

I was planning on doing this prompt where my environment of bliss is based on by Flannery O'Connor my childhood experiences with my friend in Jamaica. This is the place I feel most content where our yards were our playground and our imaginations came alive to we create our world packed with pretend adventures and experiences that have influenced the person I am now. Is this a good idea or should I just pick another prompt?? Hi. Since the nmc codes, prompt says that you can describe a “problem you’d like to solve”, can I write about a problem that I haven’t done anything to it, but would be interested in potentially do something about the dynamic, problem?

Thank you for nmc codes, answering. Thanks! This was really helpful. Throughout my supplements I have been talking about on Revelation, by Flannery problems I solved, so for the common app I was thinking about writing a business problem that I planned on solving or at least improving in nmc codes, my career. Is that okay or too far out?

Hiya very nice blog!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Wonderul .. I’ll bookmark your site and take tthe feeds also? I am happy to find a lot of helpful information here in the submit, we want develop more techniqwues on this regard, thank you for sharing. What about the dynamic system development, second option to the question, “…Or a problem you would like to solve,”? I feel that discussing what I would like to do (improve secondary education in the sciences within third world countries) is more reflective of nmc codes, me than a personal story. How would I incorporate a personal story when talking about the future or is it OK if I don’t include one?

As of now I’ve identified a problem and how I’m going to solve it by earning a college education. My solution is pretty unique so I don’t think they will get bored but are they looking specifically for to describe, personal narratives? Hi. For the #4 question essay, do we NEED to nmc codes incorporate what we would like to do in the future or give subtle details of how we have certain qualities for this dream job? Because I’m not sure what I want to major in. Yes, I do have a passion for certain subjects but I’m not sure which career path I should choose. So I was thinking about describing the life lessons I had learned and talking about the to describe, motivational aspects of my life. I’m writing about this topic but mine is centered round the nmc codes, problem of my school’s cafeteria.I’m a Nigerian student. It is compulsory to eat lunch in the cafeteria but the cafeteria is too small. As a prefect I’m in charge of the cafeteria which is now putting on Essay on Revelation, my school performance. Nmc Codes? Do you think this is a good topic?

It talks. about how the Essay on Revelation,, prefects working together to solve the nmc codes, cafeteria problem. I’m writing about this topic but mine is centered round the by Flannery, problem of my school’s cafeteria.I’m a Nigerian student. It is compulsory to eat lunch in nmc codes, the cafeteria but the cafeteria is too small. As a prefect I’m in charge of the words to describe a nurse, cafeteria which is now putting on my school performance. Nmc Codes? Do you think this is a good topic? It talks about how the prefects working together to solve the development method, cafeteria problem. Sorry for the delayed response, but if you are still working your college application essay, I would say it sounds like a terrific topic to me. The whole idea of the nmc codes, school cafeteria is system such a great everyday setting, and if you can share something (problem) that happened there, you are on nmc codes your way! Just make sure to go into what you learned from the Essay on Revelation, by Flannery, experience.

Best of luck, Janine Robinson. Thank you Janine Robinson. I have already submitted my essay for my college application. Nmc Codes? But I feel happier knowing that you think its a terrific idea. Wishing you the best of luck in all your endeavours.

Hey do you guys think that , abused by a teacher is a problem that can get attention from the system, admission people ? 3 Step To Writing a Winning College Essay The College Solution - […] Reflect on what inspired you to nmc codes deal with the problem. […] 3 Steps To Writing a Winning College Essay - Oroola - […] Reflect on what inspired you to deal with the problem. Facts About? […] As a professional writing coach, I help students, parents, counselors, teachers and others from around the world on nmc codes these dreaded essays! Learn about my in-person and online tutoring, editing, workshops, books, and apa cite websites, online courses, . READ MORE. . Learn to Write Your Essay in One Hour! My on-demand, fast-and-easy online e-course: How to Write a College App Essay (Click lightbulb for details.) Perfect for nmc codes, The Common App, UCs, grad school, transfer and scholarship essays!

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Issues/Gang Violence term paper 5348. Gangs are a violent reality that people have to nmc codes deal with in today's cities. Aa Meeting Experience? What has made these groups come about? Why do kids feel that being in a gang is both an acceptable and prestigious way to live? The long-range answer to these questions can only nmc codes be speculated upon, but in the short term the answers are much easier to find. On the surface, gangs are a direct result of websites human beings' personal wants and peer pressure. To determine how to effectively end gang violence we must find the nmc codes, way that these morals are given to the individual. Unfortunately, these can only be hypothesized. On Revelation, O'Connor? However, by looking at the way humans are influenced in society, I believe there is good evidence to point the blame at several institutions.

These include the forces of the nmc codes, media, the government, theatre, drugs and our economic system. Originally the word gang had no negative connotation. In Old English, gang simply referred to a number of people who went around together-a group. Today a gang can be defined in four basic ways: zh an organized group with a leader.

zh a unified group that usually remains together during peaceful times as well as times of dynamic system development method conflict. zh a group whose members show unity through clothing, language. zh a group whose activities are criminal or threatening to the larger society. Gangs are one of the results of poverty, discrimination and urban deterioration. Some experts believe that young people, undereducated and nmc codes without access to good jobs, become frustrated with their lives and join gangs as an alternative to boredom, hopelessness and devastating poverty.

Studies have attempted to determine why gangs plague some communities but there has been no definitive answer. As a result, people working to solve gang problems have great difficulty. They find the situation overwhelming, and dynamic method the violence continues. No groups completely fitting the above description of gangs existed in America until the early 1800s, but from the nmc codes, beginning of the European settlement in America there was gang-like activity, especially when class distinctions came into being. Gang members tended to be from the poorer classes and tended to be from the same race or ethnic background. They banded together for protection, recreation or financial gain.

The earliest identified American gangs formed after the Revolutionary War, which ended in 1783. They were known as Smith's Vly gang, the Bowery Boys, the Broadway Boys, and the Long Bridge Boys and the Fly Boys. The first three were white and the last two were African-American. Members were in their early teens and twenties but not all came from the lowest economic classes; nor were they necessarily criminals. It was not until the 19th century that criminal gangs first formed. As the result of a worsening economy and growing population that increased competition for jobs, gangs began to specialize in crime and became a part of America's cities. Irish immigrants formed the experience, first American criminal gangs in New York City. Some were criminals; some were brawlers and most associated in nmc codes an area of dynamic system New York called Five Points. They had dress codes and called their members by code nicknames. (Many of the gang rituals of today have their roots in this period.) The first Irish gang to have a recognized leader was the Forty Thieves, organized by Edward Coleman in nmc codes 1826.

Gangs also arose in the Bowery. These two sets of how to apa cite websites gangs brawled on a regular basis-over gang territory and ethnic differences. Sometimes the battles were so long and intense that the nmc codes, army had to be called in to stop them. The decade before the Civil War was a heyday for development method most New York street gangs due to the all-out corruption of city government. Gang membership swelled.

Gangs burned ballot boxes, plundered stores and businesses and private homes without fear of police interference. After the nmc codes, Civil War in 1865 New York records indicate a presence of Jewish, Italian, African-American and Irish gangs. With the increase in immigrant populations, so grew gang membership. Almost every criminal of note in the United States made New York its headquarters. Chinese gangs appeared in dynamic system development method California in the mid-1800s. Nmc Codes? Philadelphia reported gang activity as early as 1840 and between that time and 1870 became home to over 100 street gangs. During this time murder became a test of dynamic method toughness and nmc codes drugs (laudanum, morphine, cocaine) became a part of the gang scene. The level of violence escalated. The Whyos of experience Five Points used murder as a membership requirement. By the end of the 19th century gangs started wearing distinctive jackets.

In the early 1900s the U.S. economy worsened, the population grew at a rapid pace, and the gap between the nmc codes, rich and poor widened. All across the how to websites, nation gangs appeared where poor, hopeless people lived. The dawning of the 20th century also brought with it a widespread use of firearms. By mid 1920s there were 1313 gangs in nmc codes Chicago and william more than 25,000 members. Nmc Codes? Gang warfare in Chicago was widespread and fighting took place along ethnic, cultural and racial lines. Some gangs had no noticeable cultural, ethnic or national ties and consisted mostly of whites. The 1920s and 1930s saw the rise of Chicano (Mexican-American) gangs in Los Angeles. By the 1940s Chicano gangs established their place in aa meeting Los Angeles-their zoot suits (a style of dress incorporating tapered pants, long wide-shoulder coats and broad-brimmed hats) had become a familiar sight. Fighting back against harassment of white residents and visiting soldiers during the nmc codes, so-called zoot suit riots in 1943 strengthened their cause. After World War II gang membership: 1. became younger,

2. the nationality of the membership became largely non-white (though Italians, Irish and other white ethnic groups still made up a percentage), 3. To Describe? drugs became a more publicized concern, 4. gang activity centered around large-scale, well-organized street fighting, 5. fire-arms were used more often, 6. the structure of organization became more rigid, 7. and society at large became concerned with gangs as a social problem and worked toward rehabilitation.

Between 1941 and 1945 over nmc codes half a million Puerto Ricans arrived in the United States, most settling in New York City. During the 1920s the to describe a nurse, African American populations migrated from the South to the northern cities. Due, in part, to this influx of African-American and Puerto Rican into nmc codes northern cities, the development method, Post WWII period spawned the greatest era of youth gang activity in American gang history. Nmc Codes? The Old Italian, Jewish and Irish inhabitants became fearful that these groups were taking over. During the 1950s gang fighting rose to an all time high in cities like New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and dynamic system development method Cleveland. Gang members were usually in their teens.

Codes of dress (black leather jackets were popular) and mannerisms were an important means of identification. Nmc Codes? Body language said a lot about the words, nature of the gang. When a gang decided to become a fighting, or bopping gang, its members immediately took on nmc codes, a different way of walking. About Blake? A rhythmic gait characterized by nmc codes, the forward movement of the head with each step. Terms for fighting were bopping, rumbling, jitterbugging. Gang members used guns, knives, and homemade weapons. Most common drugs-alcohol, marijuana, heroin.

New York gangs fought along racial lines-African-American, white, Puerto Rican. Usually they fought over girls or turf. Turf could be anything from greek vs roman, a few blocks to an entire neighborhood. Gang members believed it was essential to protect the honor of their girlfriends. Nmc Codes? And in the late 1950, girl gangs, with strong ties to boy gangs, began to form. Revenge was required by an inflexible code of about william gang loyalty. It was from such incidents that gangs drew their sense of pride, of being somebody. Nmc Codes? In order to combat the rise of violence, organizations like the New York City Youth Board sent social workers into the slums to form relationships with the gangs. In some cases it worked; in many it did not. The 1960s saw a decline in gang violence, in greek vs roman part because drug use escalated.

Where there was more drug use there was less gang violence. America's attention also shifted to the civil rights movement, urban ghetto riots, Vietnam War protests. A new racial consciousness had its effect on local street gang, creating organizations that were more involved in communities. The Black Panthers arose in nmc codes Oakland in 1968, the Black Muslims gained national prominence in the '60s and development method a Puerto Rican gang, the nmc codes, Young Lords, formed in experience the early '70s. By early 1972 gangs were making headlines again. Drug use seemed to be decreasing and violence increasing. Gang membership grew and the potential for violence was far greater for the gangs had access to weapons that no gang ever had before. They did not make their headquarters in nmc codes public places, but in private places. Gangs also acquired greater legal and political sophistication.

When it is apparent that someone must be arrested for a crime, often the greek vs roman, gang chooses a minor because his prison sentence will be shorter. Nmc Codes? Serving a term in jail helps boost his reputation. On the surface, peer pressure and O'Connor greed cause gangs. Many teens in gangs will pressure peers into becoming part of a gang by making it all sound glamorous. Money is also a crucial factor.

A kid (a 6-10 year old, who is not yet a member) is nmc codes, shown that s/he could make $200 to $400 for small part time gang jobs. Although these are important factors they are not strong enough to make kids do things that are strongly against websites, their morals. One of the ways that kids morals are bent so that gang violence becomes more acceptable is the nmc codes, influence of television and movies. The average child spends more time at a TV than she/he spends in blake a classroom. Since nobody can completely turn off their minds, kids must be learning something while watching the nmc codes, TV. Very few hours of television watched by children are educational, so other ideas are being absorbed during this period of greek vs roman time. Many shows on television today are extremely violent.

and are often shown this from a gang's perspective. A normal adult can see that this is showing how foully that gangs are living. However, to a child this portrays a violent gang existence as acceptable. Nmc Codes? 'The Ends Justifies the Means' mentality is facts about william, also taught through many shows where the good guy captures the bad guy through violence and is then being commended. Nmc Codes? A young child sees this a perfectly acceptable. because he knows that the bad guy was wrong but has no idea of what acceptable apprehension techniques are. Gore in television also takes a big part in words a nurse influencing young minds. Children see gory scenes and are fascinated by these things that they have not seen before.

Older viewers see gore and nmc codes are not concerned with the Essay on Revelation, by Flannery, blood but rather with the nmc codes, pain the victim must feel. To Describe A Nurse? A younger mind doesn't make this. connection. Thus a gore fascination is formed, and has been seen in several of my peers. Unfortunately kids raised with this sort of nmc codes television end up growing up with a stronger propensity to becoming a violent gang member or 'violent-acceptant' person. Gangs bring the delinquent norms of society into intimate contact with the about william blake, individual.1, (Marshall B Clinard, 1963). So, as you can see if TV leads a child to believe that violence is the norm this will manifest itself in the actions of the child quite often in nmc codes a gang situation. This is system method, especially the case when parents don't spend a lot of nmc codes time with their kids at the TV explaining what is right and what is wrong. Quite often newer books and some types of music will enforce this type of thought and ideas. Once this mentality is how to apa cite, installed in youngsters they become increasingly prone to being easily pushed into a gang situation by any problem at home or elsewhere.

For instance, in poor families with many children or upper-middle class families where parents are always working, the children will often feel deprived of love. Parents can often feel that putting food on the table is enough love. Children of these families may often go to the gang firstly out of boredom and to nmc codes belong somewhere. A Nurse? As time goes on, a form of love or kinship develops between the gang members and the child. It is then that the bond between the kid and the gang is completed because the nmc codes, gang has effectively taken the how to apa cite websites, place of the family. The new anti social structure of nmc codes cities also effects the ease in which a boy/girl can join a gang. William Blake? The formation of gangs in cities, and most recently in suburbs, is facilitated by the same lack of community among parents. The parents do not know what their children are doing for two reasons: First, much of the nmc codes, parents' lives are outside the local community, while the children's lives are lived almost totally within it. Second, in dynamic a fully developed community, the network of relations gives every. parent, in nmc codes a sense, a community of Essay by Flannery sentries who can keep him informed of his child's activities. In modern living-places (city or suburban), where such a network is attenuated, he no longer has such sentries.2, (Merton Nisbet, 1971).

In male gangs, problems occur as each of the members tries to be the manliest. This often leads to all members participating in one-up-manship. Quite often this will then lead to each member trying to nmc codes commit a bigger and development method more violent crime or simply more crimes than the others will. With all members participating in this sort of activity it makes for a never-ending unorganized violence spree (A sort of nmc codes Clockwork Orange mentality). In gangs with more intelligent members these feelings end up making each member want to be the star when the groups commit a crime. Experience? This makes the gang much more organized and improves the nmc codes, morale of members which in turn makes them more dangerous and very hard for the police to deal with and catch (There is nothing harder to find and deal with than organized teens that are dedicated to the group). This sort of gang is usually common of middle or upper class people.

although it can happen in gangs in the projects and words to describe other low rent districts too. This one-up-manship is often the reason between rival gangs fighting. All gangs feel powerful and nmc codes they want to be feared. To do this they try to establish themselves as the only gang in a certain neighborhood. After a few gang fights hatred forms and gang murders and drive-by's begin to take place. When two gangs are at war it makes life very dangerous for citizens in the area. Less that 40% of greek vs roman drive-by's kill their intended victim yet over 60% do kill someone.

This gang application is one of the many reasons that sexual stereotypes and pressure to conform to the same must be stopped. Lastly one of the nmc codes, great factors in joining a gang is for protection. Although from an how to apa cite, objective point of view, we can see joining a gang brings more danger than it saves you from, this is not always the way it is seen by kids. In slums such as the Bronx or the very worst case, Compton, children will no. doubt be beaten and robbed if they do not join a gang. Of course they can probably get the same treatment from rivals when in a gang. The gang also provides some money for these children who quite often need to feed their families. The reason kids think that the gang will keep them safe is from propaganda from the gangs. Gang members will say that no one will get hurt and make a public show of revenge if a member is hurt or killed. People in low rent areas are most often being repressed due to nmc codes poverty and most importantly, race. This often results in an attitude that motivates the dynamic system development, person to base his/her life on doing what the system that oppresses them doesn't want.

Although this accomplishes little it is a big factor in gang enrollment. So, as you have seen gangs are a product of the environment we have created for ourselves. Some of these factors include oppression, the media, and nmc codes greed, violence and other gangs. Essay By Flannery O'Connor? There seems to be no way to end the problem of gangs without totally restructuring the modern economy and value system. Nmc Codes? Since the chance of this happening is minimal, we must learn to cope with gangs and method try to keep their following to a minimum. Unfortunately there is no real organized force to help fight gangs. Of course the nmc codes, police are supposed to do this but this situation quite often deals with racial issues also and the police forces regularly display their increasing inability to deal fairly with these issues. Greek Vs Roman? What we need are more people to form organizations like the Guardian Angels a gang-like group that makes life very tough for nmc codes street gangs that are breaking laws. American Psychological Association. Internet Web-Site. Is Youth Violence Just Another Fact of Life?

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